My 2016 Chill Music Playlist

I am a huge lover of music and always have been. The first casette I ever bought (yes I'm genuinely THAT old that casettes were a thing. Or tapes. What were they even called?) was a Fast Food Rockers single. The first CD I bought was S Club 8's album, which I listened to on repeat every single day for a good year. But I think my music obsession started when I began listening to Linkin Park, Billy Talent, and The Used. Still love them all, but my taste in music has certainly changed since then.

Keeping up with new music is hard. So I listen to music which I can chill out to, and just enjoy it rather than keeping track of all the new releases like I used to. Honestly, I have a handful of artists I'll just listen to on repeat, because I find it hard to find new music that I actually love.

In case you have a similar music taste to me, I thought I'd do a little post which might introduce some people to some artists they like, and maybe you can tell me some of your favourites in the comments too. I'm going to list the artist with a song I'd recommend listening to, but the chances are, I listen to their whole album all the time.

troye sivan

1. Troye Sivan - The Quiet. I've been watching Troye on YouTube for a while. Not religiously, but sometimes. His music, however, I absolutely adore. When he released Happy Little Pill, I swear my whole body set on fire. Since then, he has not disappointed me with a single track. I've been listening to his album a lot lately and loving it, but The Quiet probably sticks out to me the most. I'd image you've heard his stuff before if you're reading this, but if you haven't you should. It's got a very chill, electronic, sort of sad feel to it... but in the best way possible. The emotIONS.

2. Chvrches - Afterglow. Obsessed with this song. Lauren Mayberry has the most gorgeous voice in the world. It's cute, and she's got a great accent too. Chvrches are my perfect artist, to be honest, and since I first heard their music a few years ago, I've been hooked. I think I've now seen them live four times. I also love the songs where Martin Doherty sings just as much. I'm sure you'll know the songs Recover, and The Mother We Share, since I think both were played on the radio a lot two Summers ago. Their new album is even better.

lights bokan

3. Lights - Child. I've loved Lights for YEARS. I used to be active on the forum, I've made some great friends through the fandom, and I go to concerts and see people I know purely through seeing them at concerts before. The Lights UK fandom is insane. She's a hell of a lot bigger in the US and Canada, so I'm sure it's a lot different there. She's features in songs by Owl City, Bring Me The Horizon, Kaskade, Shad, Seven Lions, and more. She does great covers too, and I feel like her music is endless. I'm always discovering old gems from the past. Honestly I could write a dissertation on Lights, and I don't want to spill my feelings for her out too much because it's A LOT. But she's incredible, and you need to listen to one song from each of her albums. Like now. Lights is her name, by the way. Not a band. Yep, her real official name. And her baby girl is called Rocket. So is my car.

ellie goulding

4. Ellie Goulding - I Do What I Love. You've definitely listened to Ellie before. I feel like I Do What I Love is a song which maybe a lot of people wouldn't think of as their favourite song, but I adore it and it's my favourite from the album. I love Ellie, and I've loved her since Bright Lights.

purity ring

5. Purity Ring - Sea Castle. Purity ring are sort of similar in vibes to Troye and Chvrches, and I love them. Very chillable. I'm all about the electronic vibe.

So that's a top five for the moment, and all time, really. I'm also listening to Ariana Grande, Bring Me The Horizon, The Darkness, The Struts, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Die Antwoord, 5SOS, All Time Low, and a lot more. So... my music taste is pretty varied.

Tell me your favourites in the comments, and if you like any of these artists too!

P.S. I've probably used the picture at the top before but I've left my camera lead at uni so can't upload any at the moment!


  1. Lovely picks. At the moment I'm more obsessed with BMTH than I ever have been, even though I miss their heavy stuff.
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    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. I miss their heavy stuff too! They feel a bit more pop punk recently. Still love it, it's just very different

  2. I really liked Happy Little Pill but haven't listened to any other TS stuff - is it on his YouTube?

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. I'm not sure if it's on his Youtube but it's on Spotify!

  3. Amazing picks! I love Happy Little Pill, it's such a lovely song which got me hooked on the rest of his songs! x

    Cait //

    1. Me toooo! I truly stan for his music.


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