Griddled Tuna Nicoise Salad (Jamie's 15 Minute Meals Review)

Finally a food post! Food posts are my favourite things to read but I'm pretty sure I've never done one before? Me and my Mum decided to experiment with Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals and see if we could actually make something that tasted good. Turns out that we could because this thing was DELICIOUS. We tried out the Griddled Tuna Nicoise Salad and I have no regrets.

Admittedly the outcome of ours doesn't look quite like Jamie's but it's about the taste and not the looks. I think ours still looks good anyway. It had a pretty fresh taste and though it had a lot of vegetables in it (I am not a fan of most veg), it still tasted so good, and the dressing disguised the taste of the green beans so I actually ate them and enjoyed them for the first time ever. We chose to leave out the olives and yellow beans but kept everything else the same.

It contains a bunch of veg, anchovies, tuna, feta cheese, croutons and a dressing. Tuna is one of my favourites fishes so I love it, and it all complimented each other so well. I feel like I'm really getting in depth on the food review now? I know nothing about food.

If you've been thinking about buying this book, I totally recommend it. It's £26 but is often on offer and completely worth the money anyway. I've also tried out another recipe from the book which I will do a post on soon! Oh, and if you're wondering if they actually take 15 minutes, the answer is yes, they pretty much do. Maybe around 20 or 25 with all of the faffing about of the first attempt, but it certainly was a speedy process. I wasn't too fussed on the timing anyway and was more interested in case. I think Jamie's 30 Minute Meals is now on the list of things I need to buy!


  1. This sounds lovely! I love Jamie's 30 minute meals! I loved his chicken pie! Also his crab spaghetti was delicious! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I need the 30 minute meals! His recipes are amazing x

  2. This looks so tasty I have to try this it looks so yummy.


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