How To Get Pink Hair With Flashmob Cosmetics Hair Chalk

I have always wanted to dye my hair crazy colours. Since the Kiki Kannibal phase when I was about 11 years old, and just NEEDING silver hair with pink racoon stripes. Pretty hard to get cool-coloured hair when you have naturally dark brown hair, but I have done it! Flashmob Cosmetics have a bunch of hair chalks* which work on any colour hair and give a really vibrant colour. I've wanted hair chalks for a while but (being a poor student) have never got around to it, so I was sooo excited to be sent these!

In the set I have, it contains a bright pink, a bright orange and a purple. They're all craaaazy bright but you can also tone it down a bit with a bit of brushing out. In my video it shows how I find it easiest to apply the colours if you head towards the end, and how I got the colour in these pictures. When you first apply the colours you get this reaaaally bright almost neon colour and it looks just as good on the blonde parts of my hair as it does on the dark brown. I found that with some brushing out (using my tangle teezer, pictured below post-brushing out, covered in pink!) you can really tone it down to get a more subtle colour. In the picture above I used mainly pink, whereas in my other blog post (linked above) I used mainly the orange. Both look just as good.

What shocked me about these was that they do not come out when you get your hair wet. Like even a little bit. So if you're going to a festival this Summer and you're afraid of your clothes getting ruined due to hair chalks in the rain, that's not going to happen. I don't tend to shampoo the ends of my hair so the pink stays for about two washes for me. If I didn't condition my hair either I'm sure it would stay for longer. But to get the colour out I actually had to shampoo the ends of my hair and it then came out easily, so if you have work the next day, don't worry about your hair still being pink!

I will say that a down side is that they're quite dusty, so you'll want to wear on old t-shirt when applying them and perhaps do it over a sink. I also put a towel down when sleeping as it gets on your bed a little. It didn't so much happen when I only did the tips, but when I did the full half of my hair it got pretty messy, so I think it depends on how much you put on. Wearing white maybe isn't the best idea since there can be a little bit of transfer onto your clothing which washes out easily but if it's on a white top you really can see it.

Nobody could tell that my hair was done using hair chalks and I got a fair few compliments on the colour! It worked a lot better for me than using actual hair dyes as colourful hair dye doesn't show up on my colour as it isn't light enough. The fact that they wash out also means I can switch up the colour a lot with absolutely no damage to my hair (a big concern for me since my hair is so long)!

Flashmob are currently available on Amazon - this particular set is £6.45, and you can also check out other news on their Facebook page.

I put together a look for Spring using the hair chalks which you can watch below!


  1. LOVE this post, I'm glad someone else has the "ohh I want pink hair like Kiki and Audrey" stage! I've always kinda wanted it too so I'm defo checking this out! (I'm too much of a wimp to dye my hair again, last time I tried it went orange!)
    Your videos are super well put together too :)
    ♥ Fran - xx

    1. Haha, back when I was a young teen I was so obsessed with myspace and scene queens haha! Oh I've been there with the orange hair too, don't you worry! And thank you very much :D x

  2. Love the look!! I really want to try it in summer!!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

    1. Ugh I know, so perfect for Summer. My blog seems to think it's Summer already. I think it's because we had one hot day and I got all excited haha x

  3. I love how it looks! I bought some hair chalk but because my hair is too dark it does not look good :(


    Records of my Troubles

    1. really?! it works okay on even the dark parts of my hair. maybe it depends on the brand?


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