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Hi guys! A bit of a different post to usual. I just had my last day at school in life EVER which is both an amazing and really scary thought! Now I'm in the real world and have to do real work and real stuff. I don't like it! Anyway, I'll probably do a blog post on that at some point, who knows. This post isn't about school, it's to let you know of an amazing competition hosted by Quiz Clothing (which also has some amazing clothes so you might want to check them out just for that!) where you can win a trip for two to Las Vegas! That would truly be a dream for me, I don't know about you. I don't even know who I'd take if I went! It's one of those places I think everybody should experience if they get the chance. Vegas, Florida, California, Texas, Michigan... okay, I'm basically just listing all of the states of America here but I would love to go to them all! I've already got Florida ticked off and California in a month!

I'm getting side-tracked here, oh dear. Not only do you win a trip to Vegas, but also return flights from Heathrow to Vegas, 5 nights in a 5* hotel at a top Vegas hotel (bound to be so amazing and most likely unaffordable to most in such a big city!), tickets to see BRITNEY SPEARS, QUEEN OF LIFE (seriously, there are very few people who beat Britney Spears at fabulosity), and also five dresses! I'm literally just tempted by the five dresses as well. Dreaming small :')

Anyway, you're probably wondering how to enter! It's actually really easy and I've entered. I'm probably going to enter about nine million more times because it would basically be my perfect holiday. Also it's free so I'd enter even if it was a holiday to Cardiff and I live less than an hour away from there. Oh, yeah, and just click here to enter! All you need to enter is an email address, a face, and some form of photo taking device. 

Okay so that is all and my next post is coming veeeery very soon and I am so excited for it, don't even care, it's making me super happy and I just wish smells could be transferred via computer. If any of you reading are either superheroes or scientists or inventors or something, please invent computers that can transfer smells. It would make life as a blogger much easier.


*this is a sponsored post



  1. Wowzeee... that sounds like an awesome opportunity *goes away and spends ages entering*
    If I had all this stuff to spare I wouldn't be hosting any giveaways, I would be living the life xD


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