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I'm a 20-year-old Graphic Design student from the UK. I blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, art, and more. You can find my social media links in the sidebar - I always love talking to people & responding to tweets and comments so please do give me a follow. If you're a company and would like to contact me about working with you, you can contact me via email at cl4ssicb3cky@gmail.com.


  1. omg ur blog is so fricken fab, been trying to find a pale foundation for ages, ur my saviour peace out xoxo

  2. Which camara do you use?

  3. Heyy! I'm the girl who was in the 1d group chat last night (and left it ahaha oops) Just wanna say i love your blog and wish to be as successful as you oneday hahaha. Ohh btw, i restarted my blog today!! :)) xo


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