Monday, December 05, 2016

Christmas Giveaway: Print Your Photos!

I decided to do a blog post on my giveaway for those who don't fancy watching a video!

I'm going to be giving away the Christmas Cheerzbox from Cheerz! I specifically chose this brand for my giveaway since I think they're something that everyone can enjoy, and they're so high quality and perfect for this time of year because of their gorgeous packaging. They go the extra mile with photo printing, as I've said before. You can check out other products in these blog posts to get an idea of what you'll be getting: Last Year's Christmas & Cheerz Photo Album! Even if you don't win my giveaway, I think they'll make the best Christmas gifts & you can get £4 off a purchase with the code XSUM0J :D

All of the rules are in the description of my video so go check it out so you know what to do!

Good luck to you if you enter! <3