The Body Shop Christmas Blogger Event

Last month proved pretty exciting and eventful for me. I've met so many new friends, both online and in person. I finally met YasminYammy and Victoria who are all so nice and so beautiful. The Body Shop event specifically was a place where I got to meet and talk to a bunch of people who I know from blogging and it was such a nice evening for me. Not only was it fun to meet so many people, but it was also nice to have a sneak peek at the Body Shop's products for Christmas and to get to try out some of the products. We were all gifted with a Body Shop advent calendar too which I'm going to mention in this post, but I'll have an unboxing video on my YouTube channel very soon!

The evening consisted of cocktails, photo booths, product testing, and chats. It all took place in Lambert's Yard, where I've attended blogger events before so if you're in Leeds check it out since it's a gorgeous venue. I was a little confused by the theme at first since there was a life sized zebra waiting inside, but this year they've gone for something a little different by bringing animals into the Christmas theme to tie in with their beliefs about animal testing.

Side note that not all of their products are 100% vegan so you'll have to check individual products to see. I'm sure that the staff in store will be happy to help you if you just ask since they all seem really friendly and knowledgable about the products being sold.

I totally forgot to mention that this whole event was both a display of their Christmas products as well as celebrating the opening of a new store in Leeds, so if you're in Leeds definitely check it out since it's got a really cool new look to it.

There are too many products to mention for Christmas, but I'll talk about some of my favourites! I love the little sponges. There's Reggie, Rosie and Reggie Jnr and they're adorable and £4. There's also the Spiced Apple range which is really nice if you like apple and cinnamon, or the Frosted Berries which is much sweeter. Of course, the advent calendars look incredible too, but beauty advent calendars always seem exciting.

The Oils of Life range is apparently amazing & suitable for any skin type (I think). I'm really interested to try something from this range because my skin is always in need of a little extra moisturising in the Winter months.

Another exciting things for Christmas which has to be mentioned is their personalised body butters. I don't have any pictures of them unfortunately but I'm sure you can have a look in store or online for them. I think they'd make an amazing gift for somebody who loves body butters, or for a Secret Santa to make it a little more personal. They're only available up until Christmas and retail at £14 so if you want one, you've gotta go sooner rather than later.

Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find in the '24 Happy Days Advent Calendar' (£60, worth £106) but you'll have to head back to my YouTube channel to have a look at exactly what you get. The video should be up very soon!

And I think that's about everything I can say without going on for pages and pages! Thank you so much to the Body Shop for inviting me to hang out with such a wonderful bunch of people. It was the best evening :D Hope you enjoyed my post, remember to leave a comment or tweet me @beckyis0bel <3


  1. This looks like so much fun! I love the Body Shop! Glad you had a lovely time hun!
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  2. These look great! What fun! Do the products seem worth it? x

    - Caitlin

  3. I have never went to such event , next time if you held such event do invite me lol , nice post though

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