Vegan Beauty: Arbonne Mask & Mousse Review

This post marks the first of a series of posts I plan to do on all of the cruelty-free/vegan products I am using as replacements to my other products. I'll just say now that my blog may still contain some products which are not cf/v because I'm not throwing away old products (it would be a waste of money, life, and materials).

These two products aren't so much replacements for previous products (since I don't regularly use face masks / hair mousse), but they're two products which Arbonne sent to me to try out. I have used Arbonne products in the past and loved them & I think they make some great products.

Texturising Mousse

I'm going to start off by talking about the hair mousse* (£20). It's a texturising mousse which you apply to the roots and lengths of your hair whilst it's still wet. I actually tried this when my hair was longer, and then after I had it cut a lot. When my hair was quite a bit longer, I felt it didn't have as much of an effect, since there was so much weight to my hair that volumising products never really do a lot, other than dry shampoo which I try to avoid using. Now that my hair is short, however, I'm really liking using it. It's so quick and easy to use and it gives my hair a little more volume and texture. 

I don't style my hair ever really - I like it how it is naturally - so this is perfect for me since it just gives my hair a more 'finished' look. It's a really lightweight mousse rather than a thick one, and it feels a bit more like foam. It dissolves right away into the hair and it doesn't leave it sticky or hard. I tend to go for just two pumps just for a little extra texture, and then I let it dry naturally.

Soothing Overnight Mask

So, as I've said, I do not use masks really. I do very rarely, or I'll just slap on a load of moisturiser and call it a mask, so this isn't a replacement for another product, it's just something new to try. It is a soothing mask* (£26) rather than moisturising or clearing or anything else you can get in a mask. You apply it before bed, let it dry, and wash it off in the morning. I tend to leave about 15 minutes of drying time before I go to sleep, otherwise it just goes all over my pillows because it isn't dry enough. When it's on, it has a cooling and slightly tingly feeling. It's that sort of feeling you get when you put cucumbers on your eyes - not exactly the same feeling, but similar. 

In the morning my skin felt soft and refreshed, but a little tight, so I put moisturiser on. It isn't a moisturising mask so I should've expected that. It may not be suitable for dry skin because of that, and it might be good for oily skin.

For me, I think it's a really nice and soothing mask (as the bottle says), and I think any mask is just relaxing. It's the type of thing I would use maybe once a week, but wouldn't consider it as part of my routine. My routine is literally to cleanse, wash and moisturise, so I'm not the best person to ask about that. I feel like it might be good if you have angry spots to put on those, but somehow my spot days are coming to an end so I'm not sure!


So all in all, they're both really nice products, neither of which feel too heavy or too much. I would recommend both, especially the hair mousse because it's probably my favourite hair mousse that I've tried. I'm really excited about this series on my blog because I'll be promoting all amazing products which also happen to be cruelty free / vegan, which is proof that you can have great products without harming animals in any way. It's a very easy transition to make which is having no effect on my life, but if everyone did this, it would have a huge effect on the lives of many animals.

Let me know your thoughts on these products if you've tried them, or leave a comment recommending any vegan / cruelty free products / brands!


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