Pink Bleached Hair: Positives & Negatives

I've had pink hair for a good few months now and I feel I've learnt a lot in that time that I haven't learned from the internet. Since turning about 12 and discovering Scene Queens when Myspace was still a thing, I decided that I wanted to do something cool with my hair like dye it pink or silver or just something. It was only 8 years later when I actually got the guts to do it. So in all of that time, I did plenty of research (almost all of which put me off doing it), but I feel like I learnt most just by experimenting myself.

This post is here to possibly help somebody like me who wants brightly coloured hair but has very dark brown hair already. Just giving my honest experience (you can find details on how to dye your hair pink & also hair care on my YouTube channel) and why you should or should not dye your hair pink.

The Effort.

I was warned about this, but I thought I could keep up with it all. Bleaching the roots every few months? No big deal. Dying it pink every week or so? I can do it! No... it's so much more than that. If you have the money to go to a hairdressers, then great, you can avoid this at least somewhat. But bleaching your hair is nothing like dying it. You have to move fast but you also have to work in tiny sections, covering every hair, rubbing it in, and leaving it on for exactly the right amount of time. That is literally so hard, even with somebody's help. Bleach makes your hair sort of stiff and knotty so it's pretty hard to get right in there and be sure everything is covered, at least in my experience.

The Roots.

I like the look of roots. I knew this when I decided to bleach my hair, and I still feel the same now. I have no problem with the appearance of roots at all. The issue is that you can't leave your roots for too long before bleaching since they take the bleach faster than the rest of your hair, so if you leave them for too long, you get a lovely orange band where the hair stops taking it so well. Not a good look at all. And they grow suuuper fast. So I probably leave mine for about 2 months, and that is almost certainly waaay too long, but I'm lazy and half of the time they look absolutely awful anyway, so why bother?

The Burning.

This is pretty much just me being dumb. But I tried a new bleach and didn't test it... It sort of burned a little, but bleach always has a tingly feeling for me. So I left it on. Not good! I have an itchy rash all over my scalp, face and neck for a good two weeks or more. So now I'm always scared to leave bleach on for too long and end up not leaving it on for long enough and ending up with orange roots. Wonderful.

The Damage.

I have strong hair which I wouldn't say has ever really been too damaged. Not through straightening, dying, or anything else. Bleaching? Completely different story. Parts of my hair feel like they always have hair spray in. Bits will stick together and feel crispy and gross and get constantly matted. There's a little part of hair which has broken off a lot too, and it's all frizzy and fuzzy and awful.

The Mistakes.

Currently I have a rather large dark brown patch from letting my mother bleach my hair which looks completely terrible. My roots are also orange because my head was burning. So things go wrong, and sometimes you look awful for a few weeks.

The Colours.

I put in three pictures here showing my hair is quite different a lot of the time. You can check out my Instagram to see more variations. I get compliments all the time saying 'I love the blue in your hair!'... I dye my hair pink, and yet I somehow have blue/silver streaks when it starts to fade a little. Parts of my hair take more than others and fade faster. So the underneath stays a pastel pink no matter how much I wash it, while the top parts go completely white/blue. The roots will go orange, and so will some of the lengths. I never really know what to expect with the colour. On top of that, I like to let it fade and then dye it bright again, so people are always telling me my hair changes colour every time they see me, which it does. I wish I could keep it constantly the same colour, but I just can't.

The Cost.

It costs so much even when doing it at home by yourself. Even if I buy it in bulk, that's like £50 of bleach and somehow I use it up after 2 or 3 sessions, because I have to use a lot. The pink dye is about £5 a bottle and lasts for about 4 uses. I mix in condition with it too, possible 1/4 of a bottle each time or less. I also use a lot of coconut oil and other hair oils which can cost £5 or more for a pot (but last a while). I use masks - I've gone through about 5 packs/tubes which cost possibly £5 each. I also use leave-in conditioner after every wash which is about £5. I use a dry oil - £10, and another oil - £5 every day, sometimes twice a day. It all adds up. And you do have to use oils and stuff if you don't want to be bald. :)

I'm A Fairy.

I rather enjoy having pink hair. I think it looks nice & I've always wanted it. It makes my Instagram looks pretty (lol good reason tbh), the kids at work love to grab it & talk to me about it, people stop in the street to compliment me on it sometimes, it makes conversation with people (which I suck at), and I feel like it brightens up my look since all I ever wear is black, grey or white so it's sort of my colourful element. I'm very happy having pink hair. I feel like a fairy princess.

Being Noticed.

So the thing about having pink hair is that you become 'pink hair girl'. I literally get called that. Previously I blended in, I felt unnoticed, and I felt safe. Now I don't. I feel like if I did something stupid in front of a lot of people (which I always do), that they'd remember it was me because I'm easy to recognise. I also now feel like I can never do anything wrong because of this. This point is kind of dumb, but if you like blending in, there's absolutely no way for you to do so if your hair is pink. I didn't even think about this one before dying my hair.

Should You Dye Your Hair Pink?

Well, that's up to you. I know I've given a lot of negatives here, but that's because there are a lot of negatives. The only positive really is that I like it. It makes me happy, and I like it when strangers tell me they like my hair, because compliments from strangers are nice. I would keep it forever, but I think my hair would literally be dead if I did that. So some day, I will have to get rid of it, but for now, I love my pink hair. Oh! And TOP TIP! Go to the hairdressers if you can... you don't even understand how much of a difference it makes. 



  1. I loved this post! The Scene Kid look was me when I was younger! I always had crazy looks, still do!
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    1. Same haha, it's much more fun<3

  2. I love this - it suits you so much!!!


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