Going From Dark Brown To Blonde / Silver

I've been waiting for this moment since I was about 10, or maybe before. But I got my hair bleached! Wooo. So, I wanted white, or like a Lou Teasdale / Lottie Tomlinson sort of colour. Obviously that wasn't going to be possible with one hair appointment, so for now I've got a blonde/blue sort of ombre thing going on.

I'd previously done ombre on myself, hence why the ends are so much lighter. To do that I used the Bleach London balayage kit, followed by the ombre kit, followed by the total bleach, and then the white toner. I might post a review of those kits at some point, as well as some of the Bleach colours since I've tried those as well. My hair previously looked like this - so very dark.

I was considering bleaching my hair myself, and I'd been considering that for years, but I was too scared of having orange hair or blotchy hair or doing something wrong. Also, my friend bleached her hair herself and a big patch fell out which definitely put me off! So I decided to go to the hair dressers after Samantha (a fellow blogger) offered to do it for me.

It was basically 5 hours of washing, and waiting, and brushing. I never go to the hair dressers and I HATE having people touch my hair, or especially brush my hair, so it was a pretty grim experience for me in that respect. But I'm happy with the results so it was worth it!

The blue has pretty much faded to a silver now, which is more the colour I wanted. There's a lot of gold tones in it still so I'm definitely going to bleach it again, probably myself because quite frankly, I am poor. But yay! Blonde hair! I'm so happy.


  1. Use lots of conditioner! and a treatment weekly it will help your hair to rebuild back to normal :)


    1. Oh don't worry I am haha! It isn't even in that bad of a state surprisingly, but I always condition my hair a lot regardless of its condition. Better safe than sorry :p

  2. Your hair looks amazing - love this colour on you. One of us is so tempted to go even lighters but apparently it damages your hair...either way you suit this shade so well
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    1. Haha it does damage your hair but it's worth it. Mine feels okay anyway x

  3. Aw love your hair blonde! Such a difference when you go from brunette. You suit the colour so much :)


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