2015 In Review & 2016 Goals

2015 was a pretty crappy year for me. I hate to be negative, but honestly it was. From the start of the year until May, my Dad was unwell and I spent a lot of time worrying about him, 'taking care' of him (this didn't involve a lot, but I did stay home), and visiting him in hospital. On May 9th, he passed away and I lost the person who had been there for me for as long as I can remember. You don't completely realise it until it happens, but moving on from somebody close to you dying is a really hard thing to do. I also didn't have the best time at uni and felt that I'd made no friends and achieved nothing but mediocre work and disappointing grades. 

Needless to say, my blog suffered. When I first began this blog, I was posting every day and just enjoying it. I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun. With everything happening in my life outside of my blog, I just didn't care about my blog anymore. Or, I did care, but I just didn't want to post or read other posts or anything. It could've been the end of beckyisobel *ominous music plays*...

BUT! Hip hip, hooray! I met my housemate, Kate, who brought life back into me. What a gal. It's nice to have somebody who shows that they care about you, which I didn't feel I had until Kate. I also made some other friends at university who I plan to live with in the future.

So I've been going out more, enjoying myself more, actually attending lectures, and actually doing work and studying to become a Graphic Designer, which is my ultimate life goal *dances*. Not only that, but I've been working on getting my blog back to its former glory.

I attended some blogger meetups (here and here) and made friends with some bloggers in person for the first time, which was great. I really hope to see all of the bloggers I met there again in the near future! Hopefully 2016 will bring me more occasions to meet bloggers. 

I also dyed my hair blonde because life's too short not to dye your hair. Almost every single person I know told me not to do it and has since told me they hate it, but I love it. It's still unfinished, so hopefully there will be more hair posts in 2016! Dying my hair blonde was actually a big thing for me & it was something I've always wanted to do so I'm very glad I did it, even if all of my hair falls out at some point in life.

So, yes, 2015 has been pretty awful and disappointing for me, but things are improving for the most part, and I don't think 2016 could get any worse, so I guess that's a positive! I hope to make lots of new friends in 2016, and start an internship somewhere in the world!

Aside from personal goals, I have blog goals which I am determined to try my best to fulfill. I won't be too disappointed if I don't, but I'll be disappointed if I don't at least try!

So here they are:

1. Reach 5,000 Instagram followers
2. Reach 1,000 Youtube subscribers
3. Actually post videos on Youtube and don't delete them
4. Reach 8,000 Twitter followers
5. Post more about food, feminism, and lifestyle
6. Host at least 3 giveaways
7. Say yes to more blogger events
8. Offer advertising on my blog
9. Improve my photography
10. Post about my artwork


  1. I really relate to this post. I've also had an extremely crap 2015 but I'm very hopeful for the new year. I think writing this was very brave of you and also inspiring. I hope you have a lovely New Year and I look forward to reading more from you! Stay strong.


    1. Aw thank you. Means a lot to hear that. I hope next year is better for you, truly xx

  2. Sounds like good aims - really sorry to hear about your Dad. Here's to a great 2016 though :)

    Lizzie Dripping


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