Men's Christmas Gift Idea: Swig Hip Flasks

Hello, November! What even happened to this year? Every year just goes faster and faster, I hate it! And here I am doing a Christmas-related blog post when I feel sure Christmas is still eight months away. 

Cue creepy side-eye picture. (Does anyone else love this jumper? I'm kind of obsessed with the orange stripe...)

I find shopping for men so hard. I mean, there's no men in my life to shop for anymore, but if there were, I'd be seriously struggling right about now! Do you just buy them clothes? A mug? A gadget of some kind? Every year is a STRUGGLE. Well, here I (and many other bloggers) am to help you! 

So, this one is a little more luxury; a gift for somebody you want to spend money on, but can't think what to get. It's a SWIG Hip Flask! I feel like hip flasks are the type of thing you sometimes need (think festival season or not wanting to lug a whole bottle of vodka around with you) but can never find. Or, you do find one, and they break in a day. The idea behind SWIG is that they don't do that and they're not intended as a disposable, short-term item. 

You can tell just from the way the flask is packaged that it's not your average hip flask. As a graphic design student, I have definitely got a thing for fancy packaging. The one I've got also has a nice leather, um, jacket(?) on which gives it that little something~~ May I just recommend you check out the Tweed range because they are SO CUTE and I need. They've also got a highly amusing story on their site which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

I feel that I've gone off on a ramble here. Long story short, SWIG provides luxury hip flasks perfect for gifting. The one I have costs £69.00 which may seem a bit steep but, like I said, luxury... gift... Needless to say, as a student, I would not be buying myself a £69 hip flask, but as a gift to an imaginary boyfriend? Sure. As long as they also bought me a fluffy leopard print coat from Topshop.

...*imagines entire life with this imaginary boyfriend*

P.S. these are great for women too, obviously, but most men are harder to buy for, soo.


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