I Drew Sam Schuerman!

Yay! Another arty post. I have a thing for drawing bloggers / youtubers. I've drawn velvetgh0st and Zoe London in the past, and I also create blog headers and Disney-style portraits (going to upload this soon! - see my past header for example).

This time I went for Sam Schuerman - a beauty / mummy / daily vlogger. Definitely go watch The Schuerman Show if you like daily vloggers like The SacconeJolys. I've been watching Sam's videos for maybe two years now, who knows, and I love them for their honesty. She's definitely a youtuber I know I can always trust. I looove her pink hair so decided to draw it. I'm slightly regretting the background I chose for the image now. Something lighter might've looked nicer. I always struggle with backgrounds!

Anyway, thanks for taking a look at this post. I accept commissions and requests for youtubers / celebrities to draw. I just created an Instagram account for my work, so please go follow that if you like my work! If you didn't know, I'm a graphic designer, so expect some design work to be uploaded in the future as well!

Just to end the post on another note that I still have no Wifi after signing up TWO. MONTHS. ago, so I hope this is a strong reason for you all to hate BT and never go with them.


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