Monday, November 30, 2015

Colourful Charity Christmas Cards

Now I don't know about all of you, but I find that Christmas cards can be pretty lame and samey. A picture of Santa? Cool. A nativity scene? I guess some people like that. But personally, I find that they're all boring and horribly out-dated. Honestly, I don't really send Christmas cards, but if the money is going to charity and they're also really pretty, then I am definitely down.

I came across these cards since they're created by a graduate from my course, and I fell in love straight away. The cards are all so beautiful and amusing, and not the obvious Christmas cards when you first look at them. Plus, if you're a Star Wars fan, then they'll be right up your street.

100% of all proceeds from the sale of the cards and prints goes to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity. So not only are you sending people what's probably the most unique Christmas card and putting a smile on their face, you're also helping to give a children a brighter Christmas. You can read up more about where your money is going here.

The cards cost £4 for a pack of six, and prints are also available for £8. I think I'm going to be buying this print, and this card pack. Even if you don't decide to buy any of these cards or prints, I think you should consider buying charity cards this Christmas if you don't normally. I don't have a lot of money being a student, so it's £12 out of my pocket, and I'll forget about that money as soon as it's gone, but it could help to make a real difference to somebody else.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Elegant And Warm £25 Coat

Fashion / style blogging is something which seems to have slipped from my blog recently. I love it, but with everything that seems to have happened in my life this year, my blog definitely took a step back. I'm determined to focus on blogging again and bring back the style posts. Why I'm deciding to do this now with an important deadline nine days away, I don't know, but I am.

I was shopping around Bath a few weeks ago and came across this amazing coat and was shocked that it was actually available in Primark. It was exactly the coat I'd be looking for and I snatched it up in an instant. For £25 there was no way I was going to walk out of that store without it. I wear it almost every day because it goes with everything and it's so warm. 

I'm not really one for colour so this was another all black (the jumper is actually dark grey, does that count?) outfit, but it's Winter, so that gives me an excuse? Note to self: wear something with some colour in it.

Jacket: Primark £25 (Similar) // Jumper: H&M £14.99 // Jeans: Topshop  £40 // Shoes: Topshop £29

You may also notice that I have new hair. Yay! It isn't exactly how I want it yet, I'm going to give it a few weeks, but I'm half way there! Determined to have hair like Lou Teasdale!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Gift Idea: Print Your Photos!

Ah, the end of November. What a time for a uni student. The stress and drama of it all is unreal. I'm starting to think about Christmas presents now as well as deadlines, and it's all piling up, as I'm sure it is for so many of us at this time of year! I have another gift idea today, and it's one I think is quite frankly AMAZING. 

We all take photos, but these days all we do is upload them to Instagram and be done with it. Occasionally we'll print a few. I think a gift of some photographs is a really nice one because it's so special and personal. I got these printed by Cheerz*, and I would recommend Cheerz over other printing companies I've used. You can print photos from your phone, Instagram, Facebook, and pretty much anywhere you can think of, and they have an app to make it even more convenient as well. There's a lot of customisation and they offer a wide range of products such as framed photos, photo albums, wedding invites, and more. There's also a 15% student discount which I'm sure will be of use to many of you.

It isn't just the photographs that would make this a great gift, though they're printed on high quality paper with that glossy photo finish (which a lot of places don't do), but it's everything else. It's the beautifully designed, sturdy packaging, and the little extras you can get with some of the packages.

The photograph above shows the two packages I got - La Boite A Photos and the Christmas Cheerz Box.

The Christmas Cheerz box contains polaroid-style photographs, and you can add messages and change the colours of the background too. I chose to just keep it simple and have them all on plain white, and if I wanted to add captions, I would do it by hand. The box is GORGEOUS with this colourful geometric design with gold accents - they think about everything. The big ribbon makes it seem even more special.

Perhaps I'm just so excited about it because I'm a graphic design student with a love for packaging design, but I really, REALLY love their packaging. It would make perfect storage afterwards to keep your photos safe, or if you're putting them on display, you could use it to store something else like notes or paperclips and little bits. I just know I definitely won't be throwing it away (or painting it like I do with a lot of packaging I reuse - I hate throwing things away if I can't recycle them!) and it will be really useful.

La Boite A Photos is even more exciting, and comes with little pegs, string, colourful tape, photo corners, and your photographs in glossy, slightly larger squares. AMAZING for a gift and very convenient. I did this for a friend for Christmas last year, but the photographs weren't as good quality, and it was quite hard to find all of the bits. I think the price probably turned out similar as well since Hobby Craft can be quite expensive! It's great for putting photographs into a book for decorations, and for making photo bunting for around your room. Again, it's a box you won't want to throw away.

With attention to all detail, they even came with little to/from stickers, gift tags, and a beautifully designed letter. I've stuck my bunting up on my walls at uni and it's really brightened the place up & it's so nice to look at them and some of my favourite memories.

If you're interested, the Christmas Cheerz Box is £12.95 and La Boite A Photos is £19.95 which is great pricing if you ask me. If you want an even better price, you can get £4 off with my referral code: BECP0V

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I Drew Sam Schuerman!

Yay! Another arty post. I have a thing for drawing bloggers / youtubers. I've drawn velvetgh0st and Zoe London in the past, and I also create blog headers and Disney-style portraits (going to upload this soon! - see my past header for example).

This time I went for Sam Schuerman - a beauty / mummy / daily vlogger. Definitely go watch The Schuerman Show if you like daily vloggers like The SacconeJolys. I've been watching Sam's videos for maybe two years now, who knows, and I love them for their honesty. She's definitely a youtuber I know I can always trust. I looove her pink hair so decided to draw it. I'm slightly regretting the background I chose for the image now. Something lighter might've looked nicer. I always struggle with backgrounds!

Anyway, thanks for taking a look at this post. I accept commissions and requests for youtubers / celebrities to draw. I just created an Instagram account for my work, so please go follow that if you like my work! If you didn't know, I'm a graphic designer, so expect some design work to be uploaded in the future as well!

Just to end the post on another note that I still have no Wifi after signing up TWO. MONTHS. ago, so I hope this is a strong reason for you all to hate BT and never go with them.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Men's Christmas Gift Idea: Swig Hip Flasks

Hello, November! What even happened to this year? Every year just goes faster and faster, I hate it! And here I am doing a Christmas-related blog post when I feel sure Christmas is still eight months away. 

Cue creepy side-eye picture. (Does anyone else love this jumper? I'm kind of obsessed with the orange stripe...)

I find shopping for men so hard. I mean, there's no men in my life to shop for anymore, but if there were, I'd be seriously struggling right about now! Do you just buy them clothes? A mug? A gadget of some kind? Every year is a STRUGGLE. Well, here I (and many other bloggers) am to help you! 

So, this one is a little more luxury; a gift for somebody you want to spend money on, but can't think what to get. It's a SWIG Hip Flask! I feel like hip flasks are the type of thing you sometimes need (think festival season or not wanting to lug a whole bottle of vodka around with you) but can never find. Or, you do find one, and they break in a day. The idea behind SWIG is that they don't do that and they're not intended as a disposable, short-term item. 

You can tell just from the way the flask is packaged that it's not your average hip flask. As a graphic design student, I have definitely got a thing for fancy packaging. The one I've got also has a nice leather, um, jacket(?) on which gives it that little something~~ May I just recommend you check out the Tweed range because they are SO CUTE and I need. They've also got a highly amusing story on their site which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

I feel that I've gone off on a ramble here. Long story short, SWIG provides luxury hip flasks perfect for gifting. The one I have costs £69.00 which may seem a bit steep but, like I said, luxury... gift... Needless to say, as a student, I would not be buying myself a £69 hip flask, but as a gift to an imaginary boyfriend? Sure. As long as they also bought me a fluffy leopard print coat from Topshop.

...*imagines entire life with this imaginary boyfriend*

P.S. these are great for women too, obviously, but most men are harder to buy for, soo.