SkinnyMint Teatox Review

Whoosh! I'm back. After a lot of general sickness and general fatigue turning into actual tonsillitis, I am back. Two weeks of sleeping and wanting to fall asleep and not wake up... great. Thank GOD for doctors, that is all I'm saying. Aaanyway, before I took to bed rest, I was actually doing a 28 day 2-step natural teatox, courtesy of the wonderful SkinnyMint*. Yes, I was on a "I can be toned and healthy!" hype, which has now ended in me eating about six bars of chocolate in one sitting and spending my day foraging for sugar. I don't know why I bother.

But for those of you who are interested, I'll give you a nice little review of the teatox. There's the Morning Boost and the Night Cleanse. You can read fully about it on the website, but essentially, the morning boost gives you energy and helps to reduce bloating, while the night cleanse will cleanse out your body. I WILL SAY THIS ONCE ONLY. Do not take the night cleanse two nights in a row. I made this mistake, and I thought I was going to just die and poop my pants at work. Tbh. I wish I had, actually, because then I could've gone home sick.

AAANYWAY, enough about pooping myself... the morning boost is nice and fruity. I liked the taste and the smell a lot. The thing is, you have to drink it before or during breakfast, and tea takes like 30 minutes to cool down. So I had to wake up early just to drink tea. I am so NOT about that life. Also, I'm hungry in the mornings and I just want to eat my breakfast straight away, not wait until I've drank tea. But it tasted good, and was quite a nice thing to wake up to since it's sweet. As for the reduced bloating thing? I didn't notice any of that at all. I don't really think I get bloated often since I don't eat much, so it isn't a problem for me. For increased energy? Not really. I work in a highly active environment and I'll be tired out after an hour anyway... I don't think there's any saving me. 

I actually stopped using the night cleanse since I felt it was a bit much for me. I think if you're really committed to a teatox, then you'd be able to handle its effects, but I felt that I'd rather not use it just because it made me feel a little sick and with my job, feeling any kind of sick at all completely ruins your day and you end up staying on two hours longer and not getting paid for it. I really loved the taste of this though. It sort of tastes like peppermint tea. If you're looking for something to really cleanse your system, it 100% does that.

The 28 day teatox costs £32.90, and that's you all set for a month of cleansing. I'd say it's worth it. This is actually the first teatox I've used so I don't have much to compare it to, but I've heard people say that it's convenient that it's a two step thing - one for first thing in the morning and one for the evening - compared to others which have more steps. Also, the taste of these is actually nice and I'd just drink it as normal tea if I could. I'd say if you're a bit sensitive and haven't done any kind of detox before, then maybe don't bother spending the money, but if you're looking into it, then I would recommend SkinnyMint for the nice taste, simple process, and amazing packaging! Their customer service is also really good and they have a little chat on their site so if you have any questions, you can head there. Also, I've seen a fair few other bloggers using this who have managed to tone up or shed a few pounds using this, and I can see how it would definitely help you along, partly because of the system cleansing and increased energy, but also because having something like this would motivate you to actually exercise and eat well.

So if you fancy a teatox, give it a go, and let me know your thoughts if you do try it out!


  1. I have tried a few of these and they have all made me feel so ill! My body can't take them!
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  2. I have the Tiny tea before and it wasn't work for me so I thought all the teatox might be the same but this one seems work. I might have to give it a try. By the way I love your kitty mug it's so cute! xx

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    1. hehe thank you! I love it too


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