Princess Jasmine Hair Tutorial

Hi guys! So previously I post an Elsa hair tutorial, and today I'm posting another from that series. This one is sort of inspired by Princess Jasmine, though it isn't identical. Basically it's something I used to do for school if I was having a bad hair day and wanted something a little bit different to your typical ponytail or braid.

Step 1: Bring all of your hair over one shoulder and make sure it's parted to the side.

Step 2: Separate your fringe from the rest of your hair. Tie your hair in a low, side ponytail, and grip your fringe to the side over the top - you could braid it or twist it if you wanted.

Step 3: Separate the ponytail into two sections.

Step 4: Begin a fishtail plait by taking a small piece of hair from the outer side of one section.

Step 5: Take that piece of hair across to the inner side of the other section and add it in. You should still have two sections of hair, but now a piece crosses over from one side to the other. Repeat this, but taking it from the other side. A fishtail plait should start to form after a few times.

Step 6: Once you've got a small fishtail plait, tie it off with a hairband - preferably a clear elastic but I didn't have any so I've gone for bright colours.

Step 7: Repeat until you've got multiple sections of fishtail.

Step 8: Pull the sections out so you've got much thicker sections. It's best to start from the top section and work down.

Step 9: You're done!

Let me know if you ever do this hair style or if you're planning on giving it a go. I haven't actually done it in a while but I might try it again soon since I've just had my hair cut so hopefully it wouldn't take so long!


  1. How pretty does this look! Oh my gosh! I'm terrified of hair dresser and my hair is so long, so tutorials like this are an absolute god send. So cute!


    1. I hate hairdressers too! Forced myself to go there the other day & it was awful. Glad you like it though x

  2. Your hair looks amazing!!

  3. that's such a cute look for a casual day! your hair looks awesome

  4. This is so cool! I haven't seen anyone create this hairstyle yet, it's so unique!

    1. Haha nor me. Probably because everyone thinks it looks weird! I like the 90s vibe it gives me.

  5. Very cute hair!!! Great little tut! xxxx

    Rachel x


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