Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Design Work

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I've posted. My new job is sooo tiring that when I get home I just don't want to do anything at all. But, though I haven't been blogging as much, I have been designing. You might not know that I'm studying Graphic Design at uni since I never really mention it, but I am, and it's been a while since I've been there. I really miss designing things! So I took to Twitter and asked if anybody wanted some headers or anything made for them. A fair few people replied, and now I've got myself about twenty designs to do. But it will happen eventually, I promise!

Next month I'm going to be doing a few more so keep an eye out on my Twitter if you want anything new designed for you blog. I don't work with codes much because, although I can code, I wouldn't say I'm fluent and don't want to promise that I can do anything.

To see more of my designs, head to the designs tag, which also tells you how to request things (though if you request right now it would take a long time, maybe a month, but you can still request if you're willing to wait!) I also do drawings such as this drawing of velvetgh0st and this drawing of Zoe London. You can request those but they take a looong time.

P.S. if you don't like my work go away thanx bye.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Le Mont Botanique Natural Skincare Programme Review

Le Mont Botanique provides natural skincare in a unique way. I've never seen anything like it before anyway. All of the skincare comes in little tubes (as pictured), designed to provide one use per tube. This might seem strange, but they use all natural ingredients, and natural ingredients are prone to oxidation, which can reduce their effectiveness. Other brands use chemical preservatives to avoid this, but Le Mont Botanique doesn't use any of these and instead keeps everything in packaging which will keep the products fresh and effective.

I'm always up for trying natural skincare as it's a favourite thing of mine. I put chemicals on my face, hair, and body a lot, but I wish I didn't have to. If I could find a good natural alternative for everything I use, I would. So, of course, I was happy to try the 5 day programme* from Le Mont Botanique. This provides 5 days worth of all of the essentials: primer, revitalising serum, moisturising concentrate, anti-acne, super 8 hour hydration, and eye contour serum. 

Basically the general idea is that every morning you use the primer (which is sort of like a toner for something to compare it to... but I don't think it is a toner. It's describe as a 'hydrating tonic'.), followed by the day revitalising serum (which is like a moisturiser), followed by the eye contour serum (eye cream). If you need it, you can use the anti-acne and super hydration on areas you need it. It's the same at night but using the night time moisturising concentrate. 

All of the products have that natural scent which most natural products have. I'm not a huge fan of the smells but I associate it all with natural products so it seems a good thing. I could definitely smell the rosehip oil.

As far as the primer goes, I liked it. It did not dry my skin out AT ALL, and I felt I could've used it without a moisturiser if needed and it wouldn't feel uncomfortable. I don't want to go into too much detail about all of the products since this would be the longest review ever, but there's a lot more information on their website if you're interested. Basically it contains natural ingredients to increase moisture retention and elasticity, and should be used before using the revitalising serum or moisturising concentrate. It is not a cleanser, but it did remove some extra dirt from my face after I'd cleansed, a bit like a toner would.

Both the day & night moisturisers worked well for me. They definitely kept my skin hydrated. It wasn't just the one hour hydration you get from some moisturiser, my skin actually felt hydrated all day. The only trouble I had with it was that it felt slightly sticky.

The eye contour serum is a really thin serum which is easy to apply and pat into the skin. Again, it felt very hydrating. It contains ingredients to stimulate cell regeneration and boost the ability to produce collagen, so has natural anti-ageing qualities.

Now, I did have a problem with the anti-acne serum. It says in the booklet that it prevents the formation of blackheads and acne. I thought this meant I could apply it to problematic areas to prevent spots. I was wrong, and it broke me out nicely. The trick is, apparently, to apply it directly to spots and to spots only. Then again, my skin may just be sensitive to tea tree oil, I don't know as I've never used it before. I guess it did get rid of the spots I already had? (Or maybe they just went away on their own. Who knows?)

The super hydration was pretty much just a moisturiser to me. I don't have problematic dry or damaged skin, so I just tried it out and, yep, very moisturising but I can't boast anything special since my skin was fine to begin with! It actually did make my skin look a little more glowy than usual, in a natural non-greaseball way. I'd recommend this if you have dry skin as it didn't look greasy and it didn't feel like it was just sitting on my skin all day, but it did keep my skin moisturised all day.

And I think I've been through everything! I enjoyed using this programme, and I felt it was a lot more moisturising than what I usually use. I'd love to see a cleanser involved in future products since I felt that was missing from the set, but everything else was great.

If you're wondering what some of the ingredients they use are, head to their website. To list a few: lavender oil, tea tree oil, bulgarian rosewater, jojoba oil, and green tea extract.

It was nice to do a review like this again. I feel like it's been forever since I have. I hope you found this review interesting, and if you're looking for natural skincare I really would recommend this! It is a little pricey but if you want to spend a little more on something, why not skincare? I always think skincare is something worth spending more money on, though I am often reluctant to myself.

Anyway, all of their different products can be found on their website, and there's a lot more information on there for you! They also do hair care!

P.S. excuse my gross nails. They get so messed up when I'm at work.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Beauty / Fashion / Book / Homeware / Everything Haul

Due to a lack of a computer this is up quite a while after it was filmed so this is actually more like a June haul. But I'm calling it July ok no hate. Subscribe to me if you want rain to be made out of chocolate. Alsoooo if you don't follow me on Twitter it's @beckyis0bel, as is my Instagram. Twitter is my fav place though so go there pleeease and say hi. I need friends. :) kbye.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Princess Jasmine Hair Tutorial

Hi guys! So previously I post an Elsa hair tutorial, and today I'm posting another from that series. This one is sort of inspired by Princess Jasmine, though it isn't identical. Basically it's something I used to do for school if I was having a bad hair day and wanted something a little bit different to your typical ponytail or braid.

Step 1: Bring all of your hair over one shoulder and make sure it's parted to the side.

Step 2: Separate your fringe from the rest of your hair. Tie your hair in a low, side ponytail, and grip your fringe to the side over the top - you could braid it or twist it if you wanted.

Step 3: Separate the ponytail into two sections.

Step 4: Begin a fishtail plait by taking a small piece of hair from the outer side of one section.

Step 5: Take that piece of hair across to the inner side of the other section and add it in. You should still have two sections of hair, but now a piece crosses over from one side to the other. Repeat this, but taking it from the other side. A fishtail plait should start to form after a few times.

Step 6: Once you've got a small fishtail plait, tie it off with a hairband - preferably a clear elastic but I didn't have any so I've gone for bright colours.

Step 7: Repeat until you've got multiple sections of fishtail.

Step 8: Pull the sections out so you've got much thicker sections. It's best to start from the top section and work down.

Step 9: You're done!

Let me know if you ever do this hair style or if you're planning on giving it a go. I haven't actually done it in a while but I might try it again soon since I've just had my hair cut so hopefully it wouldn't take so long!