I Drew Zoe London!

Sometimes I like to draw, and I was feeling pretty inspired yesterday. I'm trying to actually create more artwork since I've been really lazy this past year. I also want to expand my style and try different things, and this somehow didn't turn out the style I was planning but I'm still happy with it. I was aiming for a more cartoony look, but I'm stuck in my usual ways of having everything need to be perfectly realistic, and the result is sort of a cross between the two. Still, it looks a lot different to the last piece of work I posted on here which was a digital painting of velvetgh0st. In some ways I prefer it. Anyway, I decided to draw Zoe London because she's one of my favourite bloggers. She has great style, great hair, and great taste in music.

When I posted my drawing of velvetgh0st, a few people asked if I accept commissions so just to say that I do, however I'm unable to draw entire scenes in the velvetgh0st style, and I will also only draw if you provide me with a high quality image. If you'd like me to draw something for you, tweet me.

Anyway, as usual I'm afraid to post my work for all to see, but I'm doing it anyway! If you like it, let me know in the comments. If you don't like it, please go away or BE NICE. I know it has its flaws but I wasn't aiming for perfection. :--) P.S. I'm reviving my facebook page which I use to post my art, so please give it a like!


  1. This is amaaaazing Becky! Love Velvetgh0st's one too :) I would love one! ^_^

  2. This is great! Amazing job!


    Records of my Troubles

  3. This is amazing! I always envy people that can draw a picture of a person where it actually looks exactly like them!



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