Guest Post: Fall Fragrance Fiesta

Hello there,

I am Dixi from She Dreams Fashion and today I'm a guest blogger out here. This is really exciting as this is my first post as a guest blogger and I'm really happy because Becky was sweet enough to let me be a guest blogger over here. Her blog is really adorable,isn't it?

Alright,so now without much further ado,let us just jump right into the post.

Fall is my most favorite season because of the weather,pumpkin spice lattes,Halloween,cosy sweaters and most of all nice warm and sweet smelling fragrances. I'm a fragaholic which means that I cannot ever stop myself from buying perfumes. They are the best because they come in cute packaging and radiate happiness.

These are some perfumes I think are perfect for the fall season.

1. Viva LA Juicy: This has been on my wishlist for the longest time until I finally bought it this summer in Thailan Duty Free while waiting for my flight and getting bored. This smells really fresh and musky. It has a very refreshing smell and more of a daytime perfume.

2. Calvin Klein IN2U- This perfume smells very warm and like cookies with a bit of floral hint. It's more of a perfume you would want to wear during the night when you go out because it's really long lasting and smells wonderful and snuggly.

3. Burberry: The bottle itself reminds me of flannels and winter. The smell is a but warm and spicy and very strong indeed. You would really love it if you are into strong and spicy smelling perfumes but then again it also has a bit of sweet tuch to it which is a bonus as it isn't that harsh.

4.J'adore- The ever so classic perfume that smells like happiness and sunshine during fall/winter. It is  a very warm smelling perfume and it obviously is very long lasting and you just really feel good when you wear it.

5. Hello Kitty- The bottle is so adorable. I remember buying it at Dubai Duty Free and I am thankful that I did. This smells a lot like candies and vanilla,it is a really sweet smelling perfume and I think it fits in with the fall season.

Those are my fall fragrance recommendations and I really think it is a good idea to have one of them as they just really make you get into the fall spirit.
Hope you enjoyed my post.


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