Review / How To Style Blue Vanilla's Edna Floral Print White Collar Dress

As the weather starts to get cloudier and colder, I definitely think it's time to get out all of the dark green and burgundy you possibly can. I don't know what it is about Autumn that makes everyone so attracted to those colours but it is what it is! This month, Blue Vanilla kindly sent me this Edna Floral Print White Collar Dress* which I think is absolutely gorgeous. I'd call it my favourite dress at the moment and so perfect for if you're feeling a bit festive.

It's made out of a really nice thick and slightly stretchy material which is great. I often worry that the material of bodycon dresses will be flimsy and look pathetic when you put it on but that's completely not the case with this dress. Not only does it look a lot better and will it last a lot longer, but it keeps you warmer! It also has a cute little collar built in which is completely adorable and has some little green and pink gem detailing on which I think really adds something a little different and special to the dress. The sleeves have a little bit of lift at the shoulder which usually I wouldn't like but it's not overdone at all and it just has a slight rumpled look. I'm currently planning on wearing this dress on Christmas day or to a Christmas party because I don't think you get much more Christmasy than this without sticking a reindeer on your belly. 

Since it's quite cold, this is definitely an item that would keep you sufficiently warm but still look nice. I'm not big on wearing jeans so I struggle to find clothes I like at this time of year. I'm not wearing black tights in the pictures but with a pair of tights and a coat it would make a perfect outfit. Above I have paired Blue Vanilla's dress with a jacket from Miss Selfridge (bought from Depop) and my trusty fedora hat. This keeps it quite simple and dark because of the burgundy in the jacket and in the dress.

I also paired it with the same hat and this coat from H&M which I picked up for £27.99 which I consider a bargain. I think I prefer how this looks because of the contrast of the textured coat and the smartness of the dress.

Let me know what you think of this dress in the comments! I loooove it! You can pick it up from Blue Vanilla for £26.00 which is an absolute bargain for this kind of quality. My dad said he thought the dress was worth at least £50 so it's a great price. P.S. - check out their capes because I'm loving the cape trend and they've got some really nice, reasonably priced ones up! Just thought I'd share in case you're on the look out for something that is good quality but not as expensive as Zara or Topshop.

Sorry for the images - sadly I haven't found somebody to take pictures of me here at uni and my camera isn't being nice to me lately. Hopefully soon we can return to the usual quality! I might be filming a lookbook with this dress if I can manage to find somebody to help me out!


  1. That's such a gorgeous dress Becky!
    Loves Kirstie @ Kimamely Beauty (


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