Makeup Haul: MAC, Stila, Elizabeth Arden.

Hi guys! I have a haul for you today which excites me very much as hauls always do. This in particular makes me very happy because there's a couple of products I've wanted for a long time. I'll try to keep it short and avoid boring you but give you some first impressions of the products at the same time as I haven't used any of them that much yet.

I purchased two MAC pigments in 'Genuine Orange' and 'Burnt Burgundy'. Genuine orange is simply a bright orange which I thought could be good for creating a more orangey look when combined with other colours as I am loving more orange/red-toned eyeshadows lately. I haven't yet used it but I plan to sweep it lightly over the top of other colours and use as a blending colour. Burnt Burgundy is a matte colour as the orange one also is, and I just thought it would be perfect for the colder months and perhaps a more interesting smoky eye than just black. Both pigments feel a little chalky but blend nicely.

I also got a MAC eyeshadow in 'Mythology' which is a lustre finish. I fell in love with this immediately and it has overtaken Satin Taupe as Satin Taupe overtook All That Glitters as my favourite eyeshadow. I wear this almost every day on its own all over my lid and also under my eyes for a subtly grungy look. I like to think of it as Taylor Momsen inspired but slightly more glamorous and subtle. It's as amazing as any MAC eyeshadow ever is, but slightly lacks pigmentation if there's any negatives to say about it (on first impressions, anyway). 

I couldn't resist a Stila lip liner. I owned nothing from Stila previous to this so I felt it was a necessary purchase. It feels like it needs a good sharpen but other than that I'm looking forward to using it. It's in the shade 'plum' which just screams Autumn so I'll definitely be using this in the colder months to prolong the wear of my lipsticks and line my lips.

And finally I got the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick. I don't know why, since it clearly says 'STICK' in the name, but I didn't expect it to be like a lipstick. Even so, I like it so far. I think it feels sort of thin on my lips but it definitely does moisturise despite this. It tastes a lot less obviously minty than the Blistex Treatment I usually use (blogged about here) and it doesn't leave any white residue as that does, so I completely prefer it (though the price difference perhaps means I'll have to stick to Blistex).

And that's everything I got! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I can only apologise for the reduced image quality; it's difficult to get a good picture in my uni room and I'm still getting used to it! Thanks for stopping by again and let me know what you think in the comments as always! <3


  1. I got given a Stila lipliner as a gift not too long ago and I love it!!!! Great post x

    1. Ah good! I need to give it a proper go x

  2. Love the colours of the MAC pigments although I don't know if I'd be daring enough to wear the Orange one haha x

    1. I think if you were to use it correctly, it wouldn't look scary or anything. Don't think I'd wear loads of it all over my eyes or anything x


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