Hairtrade Hair Extensions Review: I&K Clip In Body Wave 02

Hi guys! Today I have a review of the I&K Clip In Body Wave 02 from Hairtrade. My camera has been acting up, hence why the second picture is a bit dodgy. I'm working on this so hopefully other blog posts will return with decent images!

Anyway, I've had extensions from Hairtrade before but the three months have passed and they kindly sent me another set to replace the others, since you're only supposed to keep them for three months. Previously, I had the 22" extensions which were straight but I decided to go with the wavy ones this time. I think I may have gone a shade too dark for my hair this time whereas last time I went too light so I'll have to go in between next time!

Anyway, the hair extensions were good quality as expected and I do love them however I think I prefer the straight ones, though perhaps if I gave the wavy ones a bit of a toy with my straighteners they might blend in better with my hair. The set comes with several large pieces (check my previous blog post for details) and also some smaller ones. More than enough to cover your head. I find that I prefer not to wear all of the larger pieces as I get very conscious that the seam might be on show. In the images I am only wearing one large piece and all of the smaller pieces.

I do really like the effect of the wavy pieces but I think they would be more suited to somebody a bit more skilled with hair curlers as I am awful. The nature of the waves is so beautiful and I don't feel I could actually do that with my own hair. You may also notice that because I've left my hair largely straight, the extensions are a little too short for me.

So for the lazy girl with slightly wavy but not curly hair, I would recommend the straight extensions, but for somebody who has a bit more time or is naturally quite curly, definitely go for the wavy extensions as they're just as beautiful. 

Note that I am not wearing hair extensions in the third picture down but am in the other two, just so you can get some reference (though the second image isn't too clear - darn camera).


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