Hi guys! You may or may not know that I recently moved house and that, because of this, everything is in a huge clutter and on top of that I'm getting my things ready to go off to uni soon. I feel like with the new house, it was time to change my room up a bit. Plus, I wanted to buy some bits for my university room like cushions which could also decorate my bedroom and home while I'm there. The first step to a prettier room was to get a new desk! I've wanted a white desk for the longest time so was so happy when offered to send me this one*. If I had it my way, all of the furniture in my room would be white because I just think it looks so much nicer than anything else.

The desk arrived about a week ago and my father kindly assembled it for me. When I got home from work and saw it waiting for me I was so happy with it. It's really transformed my desk area into something I love looking at and can feel happy about rather than what it was before.
It's a really nice size for a desk - a little larger than my previous one. I love that I can have my computer on the left hand side and some makeup bits on the right which I couldn't really with my other desk. So it's great that it's big enough for that. It also has the little shelf at the back on the right which is convenient if I want to put something on my desk like my camera but don't want it in the way, or just for putting decorations on as I have at the moment. My mum bought me flowers for my birthday and I obviously had to display them so they're currently there with a few candles to accompany them.

I also really love the shape of it. It's a little different to your average desk and I just think it looks really simple but with the shelf and drawer giving it that touch. The angled legs which are in a sort of arch shape on either side also make it a little different to your average desk. It is made out of wood and you can see that by looking at it, with some bits of the original wooden colour shining through ever so slightly. I actually love this about it since it's not as plain as something made out of plastic and it doesn't look cheap or tacky like other materials might.

It also has some storage with the drawer and shelf which are both handy. I'm using the drawer to keep my many cables and a spare mouse in so i can have them handy, but this may change eventually and there will probably be multiple sheets of paper I deem 'important' inside and never look at again. The only trouble with the drawer is that I keep on hitting my legs on it. I usually sit in strange positions and wriggle about a lot so it's taking a bit of getting used to but you could always sit on the other side which I think I may do.

I am so so happy with this desk even if it does require a bit more cleaning than my previous desk because of its white colour. That's no trouble for me since I love it so much and it is easy to clean so it's not too out of my way.

If you're interested in buying this, you can order it on for £279 - its RRP is £499 so it's a great deal. I found the delivery to be very fast and efficient and was kept well informed about when it would arrive. It also comes with a matching chair. I would definitely recommend having a nose around on the website if you're looking for furniture since they've got an absolutely amazing range of things. If I had a house of my own and wasn't going to be living at university for the next three or four years, I would definitely grab a bookshelf or coffee table from there. Truly gorgeous!


  1. The desk looks great! I agree that white furniture looks amazing! My desk is white too :)


    1. Need more white furniture in my life tbh! x

  2. its nice..its really looks wonderful..I love white furniture as it gives a fresh feeling

  3. Anonymous13/9/14

    This desk is AMAZING! I love the shape and design of it, that curved shelf is just absolutely perfect! :D


    1. I knooow, it's beautiful<3


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