OOTD: Pastels From Topshop, ASOS, Missguided And Pacsun

Hiiii guys! I'm back and with another fashion post for you! Please, contain your excitement. I love fashion posts, I am on such a roll lately it's unbelievable. Going to have to get up a few product reviews soon to balance things out since I've been trying a lot of new beauty products lately I'm sure you'll be interested in hearing my thoughts on!

So recently I did a bit of haulin' on Missguided. I often go on Missguided and ASOS and fill my basket and then decide it's too expensive and close it, but on Missguided this time it only came to about £40 and I figured I'd just treat myself for once. So glad I did because I am absolutely in love with this lilac spaghetti strap crop top (£5.99 in the sale). I'm really loving spaghetti straps recently - sort of reminds me of the 90s and Bratz dolls. I also love how it has the little mesh panel since I've wanted something with a mesh panel like this for a while now but I've never actually got around to buying anything since it's usually quite pricey (for me).

I paired the top with my Pacsun shorts which I've worn in a previous post. I don't think they sell these anymore which sucks because they're so nice! One of my favourite items of clothing this Summer.

I had to make use of my ASOS shoes which I cannot find online anymore but they have similar ones here. I adore these shoes but rarely wear them since they're white and I'm afraid of ruining them! I decided to pop a pair of socks from Topshop underneath because I adore socks like those and wanted to make use of them.

And to top it all off I overloaded with Topshop jewellery! I've got a better picture up on my Instagram if you want to give it a look. The gold heart-shaped ring is from Primark but the rest are Topshop. The necklace is also from Topshop! I will have a haul post up soon with details on these and (hopefully!) a haul video!

I'm really sorry for the lack of videos but I just do not feel happy with any of them so haven't uploaded a single one since my first! I'm hoping I'll get used to it and be able to upload them soon.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! And also my top knot which made me feel a bit like a Spice Girl. I was really feeling the 90s vibes today I think! Sorry about the bruises btw :)


  1. Lovely outfit! I want those shoes they look pretty comfy:)



  2. love this outfit, and your hair is amazing, very jelous x

  3. Love the outfit combos! I wish you still knew where those shoes came from, they're fantastic!


    1. They were from ASOS but I think they've stopped doing them. They might do similar ones on Public Desire or you could probably find similar on Depop :) x

  4. I love the shorts, such a great outift and totally 90s! Reminds me of 'Clueless' the movie, I loved that!

    Girl Power haha!

    K xx


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