Ipanema Flip Flops Again?!

Yep, Ipanema have lured me in with their flip flops once again. It's strange because before I tried Ipanema I never wore flip flops because they hurt but these feel completely fine and I don't even notice the little thing between my toes. Maybe it's because Ipanema make the most comfortable flip flops in the world (I reckon that is a possibility, not gonna lie), or maybe it's just because my feet have gotten used to the feeling. Who knows?

The newest pair to make it into my collection are these rose gold ones. I think these are my favourite so far. They're so so pretty, especially with the detailing on it which goes so well. I honestly wish that Summer was still around in England so that I could wear these more often, but sadly the nice weather is fading (explaining the indoor location for these photographs).

I've mentioned their comfort before in a previous blog post but I'll say it again - they are SO. COMFORTABLE. I don't know what it is but they truly are. In fact, I do know what it is and you can visit their website or my previous blog post if you want to find out.

Let me know what you think of these flip flops! Personally I am in love.


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