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Hi guys! Today's post is all about Sk:n Clinics and their acne treatments in particular, which I wasn't actually aware they did! I've come across Sk:n Clinics a few times when curiosity got the best of me and I had a little look around the web to find out how much hair removal might actually cost. Because they were the ones who came up I sort of assumed they mainly did hair removal, tattoo removal etc. They also have solutions for acne and so many other things! I've also seen various bloggers who have used them for hair removal, hence why I thought that was the speciality.

Their most popular treatments are the advanced salicylic skin peel (from £105), advanced pyruvis skin peel (from £121), isolaz treatment (from £130) and isolaz treatment & peel (6 courses from £480). That's really not as much as I was expecting and considering the effects it's going to have on not only your skin but your entire confidence, I think the prices are quite reasonable. The Isolaz treatment uses a high-tech laser treatment combined with pore-purifying technology which will leave the skin cleansed from the inside and out. What shocked me is that it's supposedly pain free! I really thought it would be an awfully painful treatment but according to the site, it isn't!

There's a lot more information about the treatments on the website and you'd get a lot more details through contacting them but I would definitely consider this as an option if acne is worrying you and you're looking at getting a treatment done. They do treatments for both teenagers and adults!

I definitely don't think that treatments like this are always necessary since a good skincare regime could often help with acne a lot - but I know that often some people have very stubborn skin and a treatment could benefit in that case. I, for one, would not go for an acne treatment because, though I do get spots, it's nothing that good skincare can't maintain and it's nothing permanent unlike the scars which can be caused from acne. I'm genuinely considering the hair removal though, though it seems scary to me right now!

So if acne is something which is worrying you and you've been seriously looking at getting some kind of treatment for it I would recommend giving Sk:n Clinics a look since with 95% of customers rating them five star, I think they're worth considering at least! Obviously I haven't used them myself so can't give you a first hand opinion but merely an introduction to the Clinics! If you're wondering if there's one near you or not you can search your postcode here to find the nearest one.

I'm not encouraging anyone to go and get these treatments in this post by any means - merely suggesting Sk:n Clinics to anybody who is already looking at getting some kind of treatment done and was not aware that Sk:n Clinics were around!

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  1. Sounds interesting, unfortunately I do suffer from mild acne, not sure I'd have the money for this though! X

    1. ah that sucks! i'm sure you could find other ways to help your skin out :) x


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