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Hi guys! No idea how I'm still getting blog posts out of my holiday which was ages ago now, it seems. But I am! And since today I have had absolutely nothing to do, I figured I'd do an extra post (even though today's post was already and extra post. So this is an extra extra post.) It's sort of a mixture between a fashion post and lifestyle, since I wanted to show some of the outfits I wore but I also wanted to write about my holiday for my own enjoyment and possibly it will interest some of you as well.

I still haven't done the fashion haul from California, which is going to be another post coming up soon but some of these pictures show some of the things I bought anyway.

I went to Hollywood one day which I thought was super exciting and I wore this dress from Primark (£14ish) with a pair of shoes from Shoe Zone (£10ish*), a bag from Primark which didn't really match (£4ish) and sunglasses from Topshop (£18ish). 

Hollywood wasn't quite as exciting as I was expecting but it was fun to see some of the names on the ground. I was desperate to find something Harry Potter-related but had no luck. James Franco was about the most interesting I found. They also had a picture of Eminem in a sweet shop made out of M&Ms which I greatly appreciated.

That is me in Hollywood again with a sign that says my name. :--) The perfect height for a picture. Well not really but we got it in.

I also forced my family to go to Disneyland which was as amazing as Disneyland ever is. I've never come across the Matterhorn in any other Disneyland parks so it was fun to give that a go even though it was the most painful ride of my life. And they had Splash Mountain which they don't have in the Disneyland in Paris so I basically cried with happiness and died right there. 

My Disneyland outfit wasn't very nice. I was in a rush and just wanted to slip something on which would mean I wouldn't get too hot and also wouldn't sunburn. The top is from Primark (£4). I promise Primark isn't all I wear. The skirt is from H&M (£7ish) and I'm wearing Topshop socks (£4ish) and Converse. I wish I'd managed to put together an outfit I liked more but life goes on.

I also went to Balboa Park in San Diego which is basically just a pretty place with a load of museums and stuff and San Diego zoo is also in it, though I didn't go there. I went to an art gallery and they had some great pieces there - I always get excited when gallerys have famous artists' work in there and I believe there was some Frans Hals and possibly Renoir, I can't remember now. I look so grumpy in this picture! The top is from the Kendall & Kylie collection in Pacsun and the shorts are also from Pacsun.

This was the pool I spent basically a whole week in when we stayed in Temecula. The house was in the middle of the desert so it was absolutely boiling and I was so afraid of getting sunburn that I sat in the shade the entire time. I encountered many lizards while staying here. The sunglasses are Topshop again, the shorts are Pacsun, and the bandeau is from Victoria's Secret.

And this is the amazing sunset I got to watch every single night from the garden. I was here for July 4th so I got to watch a load of fireworks that night too. They were tiny because they were so far in the distance but it was still amazing to watch.

And this is the beach by the other house we stayed in in Laguna Beach. We found a little tunnel thing (I can't remember the actual name for them...) and some rock pools with little crabs in. They were adorable. I loved Laguna Beach but every day started off so grey and it didn't get bright until around midday whereas Temecula was bright from early on. The top in the picture is from Boohoo and the shorts are from Topshop. The flipflops I'm holding are from Ipanema*. I have a giveaway of Ipanema which ends tomorrow and a review of their flip flops here.

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed some great and some awful meals. Just to say now that KFC in America is the most awful place I've ever been to. I also hate Taco Bell with a passion. And they need to get better cheese that you don't have to hunt for hours for. I don't think I could live in America simply for the lack of nice cheese.

This is quite different to my usual posts but I hope you enjoyed reading it or at least looking at some of the pictures!


  1. I love the striped shorts! Also I'm very envious of your America trip, I love America x

    1. Me too, it's amazing. Can't decide which part of it I like best but I think California is a good contender x

  2. Can't wait to see you haul post :)
    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

    1. :D It should be up soon! Life is really hindering the blog right now, it's so irritating! x


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