Travel Essentials: The Hand Luggage Bag From Bag4Flight!

Hi guys! As you may already know, I recently went to California for two weeks. It was absolutely amazing and I'm going to have a few California-related blog posts coming up. I've already done a few to do with packing such as my travel makeup bag but today I'm here to talk about this multi-airline handluggage bag* from Bag4Flight which retails at £11.99!

This bag is perfect for travelling with 95% of the world's major airlines since it fits within the hand luggage limit. It's also only 500g which is a complete lifesaver because it's so lightweight. My family had to lug around heavy suitcases while I had this which was much lighter. Admittedly it was still quite heavy but I can only blame myself for my large amount of makeup. I'm also a very weak person which made me think I would have preferred this bag if it did have wheels since they're much easier to drag around.

It's made from water resistant, recyclable nylon polyster which means you could also take it on the beach if you wanted and also that your stuff is well protected from water!

It's also quite large. When standing, it comes up to just above my knee. I found its size to be great because it could fit a lot of stuff in it. The same amount as a small suitcase, I'd say. It has two zips too which can allow for some strategic placing of items. I put my book on the top near the top zip in case I wanted to read on the plane (which I didn't thanks to all the movies) and my phone, camera, face wipes and stuff I wanted for the flight or in the airport near the side zip. there is also a storage compartment inside which is good for separating your stuff out.

All in all, this is a really practical bag in a nice colour. I actually think that I'm going to take it to Reading festival with me because it's water-resistant and lightweight. Last year I took an awful, heavy thing and I had to pay people to carry it for me. I think I'd be able to manage carrying this.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take a large bag on holiday with them for hand luggage. It's also really cheap at only £11.99 which is why I think it'd be great for festivals too since it's not so expensive that you'd be upset if it got muddy or damaged. Head to Bag4flight if you want to buy one for yourself, and you can also use the code 15INTHEBAG to get 15% off everything.


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