Review: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

I've raved about this primer time and time again. It's one product that has genuinely impressed me so much and does everything I'd hoped it would do. Usually I find a product and it claims to do so much but never actually does it, or at least not to the extent I'd like it to. This primer, however, does everything it says and more. 

Now I'll be honest, when I first opened it I was a little bit sceptical. It's a sort of pinkish, spongey-feeling thing. It really does feel weird. But when you put it on your skin that pink blends into your skin and it creates such a smooth, matte texture. I haven't used any other primer which has given me such a matte look and made my makeup last for so long. I haven't noticed my makeup going on any smoother from it but I don't really think I would notice that since I don't have any problems with it anyway and don't care much for smoother application. It definitely does fill in pores though. It is good at everything a primer should be good at but the reason I love it so much is because it is so mattifying and I think that's the main feature of it which would be a reason to repurchase, which I certainly will.

So at £14.29 it is more on the expensive side of drugstore products but I'd say it is high end quality anyway so it's a great price. I completely recommend this to anybody with oily or normal skin who wants their makeup to last longer or just have more of a matte finish. It might not be the best for dry skin, however, and you might want to check out Baby Skin which I have a review of here since that's less mattifying.


  1. now after this review i really want to try it.we do have loreal products here but i think that i havent seen this in the stores. i hope we can get it in my country soon :D

    Roze | It's Rozee

    1. I'm absolutely in love with it. You definitely need to try it if you get a chance! x


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