Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Micellar Cleansing Fluid Review

Hey guys! Today I have got a review of the Eucerin Miceallar Cleansing Fluid* which is currently available on sale on Escentual for £7.19.

This is described as 'convenient facial cleanser, eye makeup-up remover and toner in one product. It contains a very effective yet mild cleansing complex and nature-derived actives.' It is also free of fragrance, parabens, alcohol and colours which is amazing since it means it's not going to be doing nasty things to your skin like a lot of other products, particularly many face wipes, would do. Clinical & opthalmological studies have proven it's suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive skin. It's nice to have it say it's actually suitable rather than just it 'has been tested' which many products do lately and i think is really misleading.

The Cotton Pad Test:

I've been applying this with a cotton pad as is recommended. A good test I like to do is how many cotton pads does it use. The fewer the better. I usually get away with one for each eye and two to three for the face and neck with this, which I'd say is the same for most good products I use. So it's passed the first test. 

The Eye Pain Test:

I have eyes which do not enjoy many things in and around their general area. So if a product irritates my eyes then it's just going straight away. I can confirm that this did not irritate my eyes. When I first used it I kind of thought that it did but ever since then it hasn't. I think it's because it was insanely hot outside or something. Who knows, maybe I was just having a bad eye day.

The Smell Test:

Something having a smell I dislike will definitely put me off it. This has a really faint smell which I actually don't particularly like. It definitely has more of a smell than other cleansing waters I've encountered but really it's hardly noticeable and I haven't stopped using this and don't notice it when I'm not specifically trying to find a smell for review purposes.

The 'How Clean Is My Flannel' Test:

Okay this title is weird but I consider it highly valid. I tend to follow up cleaners such as this with a cleansing oil which I then wash off with a flannel. If it comes off with a load of makeup on the flannel I am not going to be a happy bunny. There was still some foundation on the flannel as is expected but nothing too bad. About the same as other products I use. I don't consider this a bad thing since I would never normally only using a cleansing water anyway and wouldn't recommend it since it may not remove all of the dirt.

The Spots Test:

Did I get spots from this product? The answer is no. I don't know if it's due to a change in other products, a change in cleanser, or simply my skin's natural course but I actually have less spots now.

Okay I've given up on the whole 'test' thing now. I thought this was a good product all in all. It removed my makeup well and can be used on the eyes as well as the face which is a huge plus for me. The only negative point about it is that it left my skin feeling a little sticky afterwards. Since I wouldn't use this alone anyway this isn't a huge negative since the stickiness went away as soon as I'd used a cleansing oil over the top. Having said that, since it left a stickiness I probably wouldn't use it in my morning skincare routine since for that all I really want is something to quickly swipe over my skin and not have to worry about.

The bottle is 200ml so I think you'd get around 100 uses from this. It does normally cost £9 which, when compared to other cleansing water I prefer, is more. For example, the Garnier Micellar Water is around £5 and contains 400ml so is much better value. The Garnier Water didn't have any effect on reducing my spots, however, which this may have done, so it really depends what you're looking for in the product.

If you're interested in purchasing this, get it from Escentual while it's on sale since it's currently cheaper there than Boots and other places. Let me know if you've tried this product and what you think, or just tell me your favourite product for removing makeup in the comments! I always love recommendations.


  1. I love this! I use it as a base to my skin care routine! great review xx


    1. Some, I think it's best for that :) x

  2. I love Eucerin, its one of the only things that helps my eczema. Didn't know they actually did this, think I feel a weekend purchase coming on!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Oh really, well I think you'd definitely like this then! Probably a lot better than some of the other cleansing waters out there since it isn't drying or anything x

  3. I love this product, It's so good for dry skin!
    I actually mentioned it in one of my posts if you'd like to have a look :)
    Ana xo

    1. It is a good product :) I've been using it a lot


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