Summer Holiday Lookbook: Shoe Zone, Topshop, T.K.Maxx etc

Hey guys! I know what you're thinking - portrait photos on my blog?! Shock horror! Usually I edit all of my pictures so that they can be landscape but I think I need to branch out in the world and be daring. This totally falls under the category. Next step - using colours other than blue and pink in my colour scheme! I know, it's crazy.

Anyway, I filmed a video on my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL which was a lookbook and I figured I'd do a blog post on it too. I didn't want a complete repeat of the video in the post so I've included a few other things. You can see all of the outfits much better in the video so I'd recommend giving it a watch if you're interested!

Above picture: dress - River Island. Sunglasses - Topshop (£18). I adore the colour of the dress. It's just so bright and Summery and it's such a nice fabric. This is one you should check out in my video since you get a good front view. I also love these sunglasses. I hadn't really seen any this shape before this year with the cat eye sides but I'm loving them. Usually I think sunglasses just look weird on my face so I don't feel confident enough to wear them but finally I found these and I love how edgy they are but at the same time I'd be fine with wearing them every day. I don't think they have any UV protection though which sucks because it's important to protect your eye area too!

Top - Primark (£4). Trousers - vintage. I adore this top and they're so cheap. I'm tempted to buy more colours because it's so basic and goes with so many things. Plus, it's really lightweight (slightly see through but nothing a nude bra can't fix) and perfect for the warmer weather. I also love the trousers because they are so thin and lightweight so aren't going to make me feel too hot even though I'm wearing trousers. They also have a feather pattern on them which means I can wear them with basic tops.

Kimono - T.K.Maxx. This kimono was a great find for me. I searched for the longest time for a reasonably priced one but everywhere I looked were around the £40 mark. Somebody please explain to me why they're so expensive when they're just a flimsy bit of material. What is the need? this was around £20 which is such a better price and I love the sort of Aztec-y print since it's a real standout piece which could be worn with any basics to make an outfit more interesting. I'm going to be wearing this ALL THE TIME on holiday and through Summer.

Shoes* - Shoe Zone (£9.99). I'm so in love with these shoes. I've been seeing sliders around on a few blogs recently and I'm loving them. They're so effortless but stylish and they are the MOST comfortable things ever - these ones are, at least! They have adjustable straps so they'll fit your foot nicely no matter the width, which is great and makes them so comfortable. I was a bit worried that they might slip off or rub but they really don't. The extremely affordable prices at Shoe Zone don't mean they cut back on quality. They're super casual but chic at the same time and come in black, white and pink. I was tempted by the white ones but I figured black would be easier to manage since you can't see dirt as much. For £9.99 they're such a great price and I'd completely recommend getting yourself a pair of these if you've been loving the sliders trend.

Kimono - H&M. This kimono is very different to the other one. It's more sort of floaty and Goddess-like. It isn't so much something I'd wear out with too many outfits since it can just look a bit like a dressing gown but for the beach I think this is perfect to cover up a bit. This was also around the £20 - £30 mark so it was pretty reasonably priced compared to kimonos from places such as River Island and Topshop.

Also, I'm wearing my I & K hair extensions* which I blogged about in all of these pictures! Please excuse my grumpy expression. I'm not grumpy, that's just my face. Smiling is a true difficulty. Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. All cute outfits! :) have a great summer!

  2. Good luck with your youtube channel! I loved your first video - It was amazing! I loved your outfits :-) Have a lovely holiday xx

  3. I Love this... Amazing :) would mean so much to be if you would check out my blog

    your blog is amazing !!!

  4. Such a nice post dear!xx
    Would you mind checking my blog out,and following if you like it?
    That would mean so much to me!
    Keep in touch ,love xoxo


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