Review: I&K Clip In 22" Hair Extensions

Hi guys! So today's post makes me pretty excited because I was kindly sent some hair extensions from Hairtrade and I seriously love them. You can probably tell just from looking at the pictures why I like them so much. Obviously I already have very long hair so wearing hair extensions for length isn't really something I'm interested in or that's even possible since I doubt they go much longer than my hair (not that I've researched it a lot). What the extensions do do for me, however, is to give so much more volume that really just makes my hair look so much nicer and healthier (I think).

The above picture is a picture of me with the extensions in and below is me without. I haven't touched my hair in either pictures to make any difference to it and there are no products in my hair in either picture. To be honest, I don't really do anything to my hair ever apart from shampoo, conditioner and the occasional mask. I can never get it to look good but then, I never had extensions before apart from some really awful ones which couldn't be worn out in public.

I was sent the I&K clip in 22" extensions in chocolate brown*, though I think next time I would definitely go for the darker shade since these don't really match my hair colour. That isn't a huge problem, however, since they're 100% human hair, meaning that they can be coloured, straightened, curled... whatever you want! When I received them they were very very straight and my hair is very very not straight so it looked a little ridiculous, but I just gave them a quick curl and they blended in nicely. That's a huge advantage of them being human hair, since the extensions I've had in the past have meant that I've had to straighten my hair in order to get them to blend, which was fine, but I'm more conscious of heat damage (and also a lot lazier) now.

In the pack, you receive two 6" strips of hair with three clips on, one 7" strip with three clips, one 8" strip with three clips, six 1 and a half inch pieces with one clip and two test pieces with no clips. In my hair I am wearing the two 6" strips, the 7" strip and three of the smaller pieces. There's a handy video on how to apply the extensions on the site which was definitely needed for somebody like me since previously I've only had extensions with one large piece so I really had no idea what I was doing. The reason I'm only wearing a few of the pieces is because I am very scared of the extensions being visible and I think that the amount I wore gave me a good amount of volume anyway.

I read the tips you get sent with the product and it said that these sort of hair extensions usually last about three months. Now, these extensions cost £72.99 and three months doesn't seem a lot of time considering. I did a bit of research and found that this is normal for hair extensions and also that the price is normal since they're 22". In fact, they're actually 24" since they give you a bit of extra in case you want to cut them or want a bit of extra length. I also did some further research and gathered information from REAL HUMAN PEOPLE and some said that your extensions could last much longer than that as long as you're not loading them with product all the time and washing them needlessly and basically abusing them. I suppose I'll have to see how true that is in the future.

On each strip there's quite a lot of hair. They don't go for the cheap approach and give you the least amount possible, that's for sure. I don't think having just one of the strips in would make that much of a difference but with the amount I have in, it definitely gives the appearance of having A LOT more hair, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

All in all, I love these extensions. They hide the fact I have such scraggly ends, they give me volume, I can style them however I want, and they look super natural! The only problem is that they're too light for my hair but that's nothing a bit of dye can't fix. I was actually considering cutting my own hair and ombreing the extensions but I might just ombre both, I'm not sure! I can't help but lust over ombre even if it is out of fashion by this point. I dedicate a whole post to my ombre love not long ago.

If you want to grab yourself a set of extensions, you can get them from for £72.99. They also do shorter lengths for cheaper and a wide variety of colours. I'm no expert on extensions but in my experience, these are the best I've had so far, so I'd recommend them for sure!


  1. You are so pretty! They look lovely in your hair! I don't think I could pay out that much to then only have them three months! They do look really good quality so I always know to get these ones if I ever need some!

    Lovely Post!


    1. Aw thank you :) I know, it is quite a lot. If I had shorter hair I would probably buy some just for the volume since they're a lot cheaper if you get the shorter ones x

  2. These look so nice, I used to always wear hair extensions but haven't for a few years. Tempted to rebut some though just so that I have thicker hair. Danielle xx

    1. You should :) I think it makes a huge difference x

  3. Although you said the hair extension is a bit lighter than your natural hair but I hardly tell the different. They look so natural and lovely on you!

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

    1. You can tell the difference a lot better in real life, particularly if I put pieces closer to the front of my hair. It isn't that bad, it just doesn't look completely natural! x

  4. you hair looks AMAZING!

    from helen at

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