Fashion Haul / Lookbook: Primark / Topshop / Quiz / Depop / Ipanema

This is apparently quite a picture heavy post. Oh well! I went shopping and ordered a few things and was sent some stuff and I truly feel such a need to blog about it. New things excite me. I've been doing too many hauls lately. Pray for my bank balance.

Dress: Primark (£13).

Can we talk about what a good price that is? It's a sheer mesh material with a mid-length underskirt. I don't own any floor-length dresses and I saw this one and could not resist. I'm so in love with the pattern and the cut of it!

Sunglasses: Primark (£2). Shoes: Ipanema. Kimono: Quiz (£22.99). Bikini: Topshop (£34).

So I bought a fair few things from Primark. These sunglasses were £2 though so literally why would you not buy them? They're matte black and have UV protection (always important!). The bikini was something I bought when looking for a Triangl bikini but being too drawn in by this to say no. I've wanted a high waisted one for the longest time and I found this on Depop for £26 and couldn't say no. It had the labels and hygiene protection thing in it and everything so it was a good saving, I feel, and Topshop bikinis are always my favourite! If you're interested in the flip flops, read my previous post!

I'm in love with the pattern of this kimono*. I'm sure you're all aware that I have a love for kimonos and have done for some time. I have a few already but I really wanted something which was a bit brighter and more Tropical-looking. I think the blue of this with the orange floral pattern really gives it that Summer holiday sort of vibe. It's from Quiz Clothing and it's worth checking them out since they've got some really nice stuff on there. You can also get 10% off if you download the Quiz app and enter the code QAPP10 and students get 15% off anyway! They've got quite an extensive kimono collection if you are feeling my kimono love right now.

Top: Topshop (sale £15). Shoes: Primark £14.

These shoes were £14 which is such a bargain to me. There were shoes in shops like New Look selling basically the same thing for £30 and they're probably around the same sort of quality. For heels, they're really comfortable! I wore them for a whole night and woke up with very sore feet from standing up all night in them but there was no rubbing at all which is the actual best thing ever.

I'd been eyeing up the top for MONTHS because the print is so interesting and it makes my eyes feel funny to look at but I adore it. It's also made out of that sort of scuba material which is really thick and good quality. I love the cut of it as well. It really is my perfect top and when I saw it was half price I knew it was destiny and I had to buy it.

Top: Topshop (sale £8). Trousers: Primark (£9). Bag: Primark (£4).

I love a good basic tee and I'd been looking for a grey one for a while. I know they do basically the same in Primark for £4 but the fabric of these is a lot softer and they have slightly more of a drop-arm to them and a wider neck so I decided to go for this one and I do not regret it. Everybody needs some basic tops like this in their wardrobe.

I saw these trousers and it was destiny. I have an obsession for this cut of trouser right now and I think they're good for all year round so I bought them to add to my collection. I've had a mixture of compliments and insults for them so far but I ignore the insults, of course, since I adore them. The bag was one of those things where I just saw it and then I saw the price and I figured it was such a bargain and just bought it. I think it'd be really good to make a plain outfit a bit more interesting.

I'm not really sure if this was a haul or a lookbook. It's sort of both. Either way, I hope you enjoyed it! 


  1. I love the Topshop bikini and I can't believe those printed trousers are from Primark I love the pattern!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. I know, I was surprised when I found them! So good for primark x

  2. Your bikini is lovely! I like both the shape and colours! :D

    1. Thank you! I love it too, been wearing it a lot x

  3. I love Newlook and Quiz x

  4. Hey!!!
    Love this post, the dress from primark is lovely, also love that floral top :-)



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