Summer Holiday Clothing / Accessories Wishlist!

With a holiday in California coming up, I'm really feeling the need to buy some clothes for my holiday. I've already bought a few so I'll have a haul coming up soon but these are some of the things I feel I truly need for a holiday. Not want. Need. :) 

Now would it be a haul without some Topshop in there? I think not. I'm really in need of a good pair of sandals (and this is an actual need because basically all of my shoes are Wintery) and I'm loving these Wallis Flatform Sandals (£40.00). I did want some white sandals but after my shoes from ASOS I'm realising that white is not practical at all. They do also do these platforms in white if you think you can deal with white shoes quickly turning into brown shoes. Another sort of need, sort of want thing is this Big Felt Floppy Hat (£28.00). I tried this on in store and I absolutely love it and it'd be great for blocking the sun but I just cannot justify spending that amount of money on a hat I probably won't wear that often. The only trouble is, I've now got my heart set on a grey felt floppy hat and I can't find another one anywhere!

I've wanted a Co-ord for a while now but I never thought I'd want one like this one from Missguided. It was only when I saw Zoe wearing it in Cannes that I started to want it. She made it look so amazing, I am now desperate to own this exact one. It's a bit pricey at nearly £40 (£19.99 for the top and bottoms) but if I can bring myself to spend that much, I definitely will go for this one because it's so pretty<3 Again on the things I'm loving lately and don't currently own anything of is this smock dress from ASOS. Another blogger inspiration as I'm pretty sure Lily either owns this exact dress or something similar (she's definitely talked about smock dresses in one of her videos anyway) and she sparked my initial love for them many months ago and I still don't own one. I think this would be perfect for holiday as it's so light and airy and is also going to cover up your shoulders to protect you from the sun (v important).

I'm a bit of a hardcore ASOS fan as you might have noticed and I end up on their website basically every other day but today these scalloped hem shorts (£20.00) caught my attention because that is a beautiful colour for one thing, and I'm a lover of all things scalloped. They'd look so cute with a loose top tucked in like the model is wearing or with a crop top (of which I own many). Bikinis are pretty Summer essential, but I hate wearing them. I think a high waisted bikini not only looks really nice but it's also covering up more skin so I would feel a lot more comfortable in it. ASOS are the best place I've found for high waisted bikinis and I couldn't really choose a favourite but I was loving this water melon print one. Fruity, tropical prints are my favourite type of print currently so this was right up my alley. And finally, to add some Summer brightness to any outfit, a yellow nail polish is perfect. This particular one from Models Own is 'Polish For Tans Bikini' and is the brightest yellow I could find online. I don't actually own and models on nail polish (I don't think) so I'd love to give them a try.

What items have you got your eye on this Summer? Link me! Also let me know if you know of anywhere that does felt floppy hats for cheaper than Topshop!


  1. I love that swimsuit!! So gorgeous! I am definitely loving the Co-ords trend for summer! I definitely want to get my hands on one and missguided has some really great ones!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

    1. I know! Missguided has truly got the co-ords down, there are so many on there that I want!

  2. I just saw the Misguided Co-ord in a magazine, it's definitely on my wish list!

  3. Love the Co-ord by misguided as well as the topshop sandals, really cute. :] x

    1. Me too! Hoping I can afford to buy them!


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