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Since I missed two whole days of posting while I was freaking out about my art exam, I've decided I'm going to make up for that by doing an extra one today. I'm probably going to regret the decision to put this up now when I have exams again in a few weeks and have to do an extra post but oh well. Who needs A levels when you can just blog your life away? Anyway, I received several items from NV so I'm going to do a review for you here. 

First of all, how nice is the packaging? It kind of reminds me of Paul Smith and I love a bit of Paul Smith in my life. I think this packaging is seriously amazing and I wish all brands would put every item in cute boxes and then have the actual product as just a matte black packaging. It looks so much more professional than some of the things I see out there. 

The first two items are eyeliner pens in the shades 'Twilight Purple' and 'Black Cat'. As you can imagine, one is black and the other is a dark purple. I don't own a purple eyeliner and I'm not sure if I'll wear this but maybe I will. It could come in handy for music festivals coming up if I wanted to go for something colourful. The first thing that hit me was that these smelled really strongly. It's not a bad smell, it's actually really nice. They smell like the Rimmel lip tints. I find that pretty weird because why would I want my eyes to smell? But whatever. You can't smell it when it's on anyway. These eyeliners are very easy to apply because the tip is quite firm which I always feel is easier to use. They also don't do that annoying thing where they apply all patchy and gross. The black is also actually black and not some awful grey colour which many eyeliners seem to be. This eyeliner is not going to slip and slide and fade through the day and it also doesn't crack or flake or anything. Just a great eyeliner really.

I also received two eyeshadows in 'Mist' (a shimmery cream) and 'Charcoal' (a shimmery grey). They are quite a powdery formula but they look nice when on. Mist gives a really nice sort of golden shimmer which is great for highlighting the inner corner or brow bone. Charcoal isn't something which I would wear because I hate grey eyeshadow but if you do like grey shadow, it's really pigmented and blends easily too. The only downside is that they are quite powdery. Oh and they come with a little sponge applicator but realistically, who uses these. Maybe if you don't have makeup brushes, but I'd use my finger over a sponge applicator. Oh and they have little mirrors in a 'secret compartment' which is tiiiiny but could definitely come in handy when on the go.

A product I wasn't a massive fan of was the Chunky Crayon. I'm sure that this might be better if it was in a different colour but in black? I'm not so sure. It's supposed to be for eyes and lips but since it's black, it isn't something I would use on my lips and it seems too greasy for the eyes. I didn't think that it blended well and just slipped and slid everywhere and I looked a complete mess. If I did like black lips I might be inclined to wear this as it isn't sticky or anything and feels quite nice on the lips. But it is black. So no. I'll travel back two years and then I would be ALL OVER it. 

Again, something I might not use is the glitter pot. All I can really say about this is that it is glitter in a pot. The glitter is very fine and the pieces are black and silver. I really like that it's so fine, actually, and it's very sort of soft glitter. Not like the chunky glitter that I remember using in my childhood. The only trouble is, it doesn't stick to anything on its own so you'd need something sticky underneath. I tried it with a maybelline colour tattoo underneath on my eyelids but it was not a good look. The mixture of black and silver wasn't doing it for me and it also went all over my face and then I couldn't get it off and glitter was everywhere and dear lord. I can't use glitter, I've realised this. I will just say that it comes with a handy little brush which is quite good for sweeping it on and also it has a cover over it so it doesn't fly everywhere when you open it. For that, I highly commend NV. If you fancied sparkly nails this would be a good one as you could swipe it on over nail polish but I can't really wear nail polish frequently because of work so I wouldn't do that. It can also be used on the body but I don't like looking like Edward Cullen. (I don't know why I just wrote so much about a pot of glitter).

Moving away from eyes, I also gave the Cheeky Stick in 'Roseblush' a go. I really like the colour of this and I find the fact it's a stick to be really handy. When first applied it looks super dark and scary but, like any blush, it looks a lot more natural when blended in. So this did look nice but it looked a bit patchy on me. I don't know if that was because of my foundation because it doesn't do that when I blend the swatch in with my fingers, but on my face it did look a bit off. Perhaps with some more careful blending it would look better because I do really like the colour of it, and the formula feels so creamy and nice on the skin. I always find that cream blush can look so much more natural too, particularly if it's matte like this one is.

Left to right: Glitter Pot*, Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen 'Black Cat'*, Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen 'Twilight Purple'*, Eyeshadow 'Charcoal'*, Chunky Crayon 'Jupiter'*, Cheeky Stick 'Roseblush'*. 

I'll be honest and say that I accidentally went over the swatch of the 'Mist' eyeshadow* with the eyeliners because my arm is too white for white eyeshadows to show up on. How upsetting.

Anyway, of all the products I'd definitely recommend the eyeliners and maybe the chunky crayons in a different colour! They do a lot of different colours which can all be picked up on the NV store.


  1. Loved the cheek stain, also the packaging is really cute too! x

  2. I've never heard of NV before. I wonder if they sell it here in the US? The Black Cat eyeliner pen looks amazing!

    1. I'd never heard of them before a few weeks ago! x

  3. The Cheeky Stick in Roseblush is lovely!


    1. I love the colour of it :) x

  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster award!

  5. Those felt tip liners look amazing x


    1. They were really good at first but I used the black one about four times and it's already dried up! :(


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