Guest Post: Getting Out Of A Creative Rut

Hello! I'm Kayla from over at and am so excited to be guest posting on Becky's blog today! We all fall into creative ruts sometimes and it can be quite a challenge to get back out of them. Rather than trying to force something to happen, here are some ways to get yourself out of one without stressing yourself out:

Go for a walk
Write down any and all ideas, no matter what they are
Talk to other creatives
Look through your old posts
Take you camera with you for a week, shoot anything and everything and blog about it
Spend some time away from the internet
Flip through a magazine

I hope some of these help you get back into the creative mood! Stop by and say hi!

xoxo Kayla


  1. Great post, always wanted to take my camera with me for a week but too scared that I might break it x

    1. Haha I've never done it! Maybe I will with my digital camera, seems like a good idea from Kayla :) x


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