OOTD: Blue Coat

Hiiii guys. Today I've got another clothing post for you. I wanted to say 'fashion' then but it feels way too awkward calling my own clothes 'fashion' since they're really not.

Recently I purchased this amazing blue coat from the Topshop sale for £40 reduced from £95 which I thought was a bargain for such a beautiful coat from Topshop. It's a really nice blue colour that I can't really describe. It's not quite pastel and not quite sky blue. It's also furry but sadly it's not soft. Wish it was because soft things are the shit. It's quite long - a bit too long maybe - and is fitted at the bottom to kind of hug your ass. ;) I don't think it's been available online for a while but you may still be able to find it in store on the sale rack.

I wore it with my favourite black disco leggings from Primark, a Paul Smith baggy tee and a necklace from River Island. Personally I think I could've worn it with something a lot nicer to make it look dressier but I feel like I'd want to wear a white top and I'm pretty sure I don't own any white shirts (still recovering from emo phase). 

So what would you wear this coat with? I need your advice because it's so nice but I just do not know what to wear underneath it!


  1. It's such an cool coat! I totally agree, it is quite hard to know what to wear with it... I can only think of pairing it with dresses or skirts and stuff like that.
    Either way, I love the colour! And your outfit looks really cool!
    Elizabeth x

    1. I haven't actually tried it with that many different things so hopefully I'll come across something eventually. Now that you've mentioned dresses I have just thought of a white dress I have that might go well with it though! Thanks<3 x

  2. It looks so comfy and snuggly! x


  3. love the coat... colours gorgeous! x


    1. Thank you :) I love the colour <3


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