Maybelline Dream Touch Blush Review/First Impressions

I recently wrote about a Superdrug haul and I was asked to do a review on some of the items in there, so I decided that I would. I'm going to begin with the Maybelline Dream Touch blush. I haven't been using this for long but I will give you my impressions on it so far.

 I wasn't actually expecting much from it since usually I hate Maybelline face products but I was very surprised. First off, it feels really thin and slippery but it's only going to be rubbed into your cheeks so what does it matter? I'd advise dipping your brush into it quite gently so you don't get too much product and buffing it gently into the skin with circular motions. This is because it can be quite bright if you put too much on, like many blushers. It gives a really nice colour when the right amount is applied - it's just a really nice pink with the tiniest amount of shimmer which is hardly noticeable when on and just gives a sort of glow. It also blends out really really well which I loved about it. It didn't have any stupid disgusting scent like so many amazing blushers do either, so that's definitely a plus point since half of the time I hate the smell *cough*bourjois*cough*. I found that it lasted me all day when at school, but I'll be interested to see how well it lasts when I'm at work and rushing around all day.

Sorry for the AWFUL picture, it was not a good day haha, the camera really washed out the blush colour too. I tried. Ten points for effort. Anyway, I love this blush and I've worn it quite a few times for that natural everyday look.


  1. Agree about the Maybelline face products! They usually seem to do more bad than good for my skin! ): But I want to try this blush now! Love the adorable packaging! x

    1. Finally somebody who agrees! Most people I know seem to love their face products haha! x


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