Book Review: The Craft by Lou Teasdale

When I heard Lou Teasdale had created a book, I obviously had to buy it simply because I have a slight (huge) love for One Direction and all things 1D-related. At £9.99, it's not a huge amount though when considering the amount of actual content, it's quite expensive considering books with way more stuff in such as the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual are about double the price but with four times as much content at least. I purchased it for only £6.99 from Amazon so I don't feel as bad about it. It is unexpectedly small but I think that I actually quite like the size. It's one of those cute books that you want to put on the side somewhere so you can just look at how pretty it is on occasion. The images certainly do inspire even if the content isn't particularly useful.

The reason I say the content isn't useful is because everything is really basic. There's a double page spread on how hair accessories are cool. It might be a really nice gift to get for somebody though because it's really fun and there's lots of pictures and stuff. It's the type of thing you'd see in urban Outfitters to buy for somebody. It also might be nice for somebody who's just starting out with makeup because there's a page on how to do eyeliner and stuff like that which might be useful to them. I will say that the best thing about this book is a) the pictures of Gemma Styles and b) the stickers you get in the back. I was not expecting the stickers and I am v excited. There are also a few tips in there which are useful, such as the stuff on how to become a makeup artist. I found that part really interesting to read. It is the only grungey sort of beauty book out there that I know of though so might be good if you're feeling a bit tumblr/hipster.

So all in all, it's not exactly the type of book you'd go to for makeup advice but it's a really cute sort of book that is nice to own, just to make your bookshelf or coffee table look pretty if nothing else.


  1. I really want to have it, even though it's not very useful. It seems really cute and Gemma's in there so how can I not want it? x

    1. Exactly haha, Gemma is a reason to buy it in itself, love her<3


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