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MUA is a brand that is known for being really cheap and also good quality. Most famous is probably the Undressed palette - a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked palette. A while back I decided I wanted to try out some of these products and see if you really can get good quality products for a very low price. 

Products I own:
Eyeshadow -
Lips -
Fashionista lipstick - cinnamon
Fashionista lipstick - style guide
Plumping lip glaze - coco
Face -
Skin Brightening Face Highlighter - sun shine
Fashionista 2 Step Mascara

The eyeshadow palettes are definitely worth the money at only £4. I would recommend these to anybody but particularly a beginner looking to build their collection on a budget. 'Undress Me Too' is probably my favourite as it contains both matte and shimmer shades unlike the other palettes and is great for everyday looks. Similarly, the lipsticks are all pretty good! The matte colours stay on for so long without you needing to reapply, particularly scarlet siren which is my favourite lipstick. It's very similar in colour to the matte lipgloss by them I own which is equally as good with amazing pigmentation and it's very long-lasting.

The that I would not recommend, are the blusher, the highlighter, the primer, the mascara and the eye dust. 
The blusher is way too bright for my skin tone and I never wear it because it makes me look like I've thrown on a whole pot of blusher all at once. It is very soft and powdery which isn't an issue, and perhaps if I tried a different shade I would have a different view of it.
 The eye dust I haven't used very often but I've found it very annoying since the opening is basically a centimetre wide circle in the middle so if you want to tip out some of the product, the entire pot's going to come out. 
As for the highlighter, in terms of colour it reminds me of Benefit's 'Watts Up' for the golden tone however it does not look good on the face. If you were putting it straight on your skin you might be alright as it's quite thin so easy to blend but on top of foundation it basically moves the foundation around and makes it look patchy and awful. Perhaps it's just me that's had this experience but I'm really not a fan of this highlighter at all. 
The mascara is really awful, in my opinion. It's one of those mascaras with a white end and a black end so it just ends up giving you grey eyelashes. It's also really dry so doesn't do much to your eyelashes. If you want thin, grey eyelashes though, this is the mascara to own! 
Some people who I know that have tried the primer like it but to me it just feels like rubbing oil into my face and as I have oily skin, I hate that feeling. I didn't notice any effect in terms of my makeup staying on longer or going on smoother but I rarely do with primers.
So in conclusion, some of the products are really good and completely worth the money but others are a complete waste of money! I suppose you shouldn't expect much from such low prices.
I hope this post has been helpful and if you own any of these products or anything from MUA, I'd love to hear your opinions and advice! 
By the way, sorry the mascara and primer aren't photographed - they're kept in another drawer so I forgot I even had them. Also, I couldn't find some of the products on the website so I haven't linked them - sorry!


  1. oooh all those palettes!! <3

  2. I would love to try the lipsticks!

    1. They're definitely worth a try! For £1 you can't go wrong

  3. I always wanted to try a MUA eye shadow palette :) they look so pretty and pigmented x
    Ana xo

    1. They are tbh. I was comparing it to my naked palette the other day and tbh some of the MUA shades are more pigmented than some of the Urban Decay ones.

  4. Mua is a really amazing brand, live their eyeshadow palettes especially!

    Follow for follow?

    Lipsiie xx

    1. I don't really do 'follow for follow' but your blog looks good so I'll definitely give you a follow :) xx

  5. Who doesn't love MUA!

    1. Haha I know! Sooo cheap but still so good :')


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