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Leeds Kitty Cafe Visit!

The Kitty Cafe
On Thursday, myself, my boyfriend and two of my best buddies headed to Leeds Kitty Cafe feeling VERY excited to fulfil that ever-present need to pet some cats. I'd seen a few pictures on the website and had a little look at their Twitter, so I had an idea of what to expect in mind. I was, however, very surprised by actually how good it is inside.

The Decor
On every wall there's something for the cats to climb on, as well as bridges hanging across walkways, scratch posts (including one which reaches the ceiling) and lots of other cat toys and hides. You can see some of the features in my pictures, however there's much more inside! Not only does it look like a great place for cats to hang out and play, it's also pretty good for us humans. The seats are brightly-coloured and comfortable, the lighting is cool... I just loved everything about how bright and quirky it was.

How It Works
So when you go in, there's some rules to read (simple things like don'…

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