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Why I Stopped Blogging For A YEAR!

Sometimes you need to take time out of something to remember why, and how much you loved it. And that's exactly what I did. Almost an entire year, actually.

- Why did I stop blogging for so long? -
I never intended for the break to be so long, and along the way I have written many blog posts, but have published none of them since they just didn't feel right. I can't quite explain what 'right' is, but I think I've found it now. 
I never explained why I stopped blogging in the first place, because I wasn't completely sure myself. I felt a lack of motivation, for one thing, but I think the main thing was not knowing my place at all. I was a beauty blogger primarily, but I started to fall out of love with beauty (I'll explain that in another post, I'm sure), so I didn't know what to do. I suppose I could've jumped straight into style posts, but I had no idea what to write about for style posts really, and my style has changed quite a lot over the…

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